The hand to save us time within the teeth of a shark!

People speak so fondly of Uber…

as if they would concentrate it,

refine it… refresh it in their mind,

and yet not see just how it will fit

in a world so informed as to present

to us what it can also prevent us…

the pathfinder is then stolen within,

denied to find him or her we’ll cuss,

foreknowledge is pre-told, what comes

strips away the grasping of our soul,

this is not hard to imagine here, any

more, to control us is the very goal.

What was once called ‘The Department of Total Informational Awareness‘ is reclassified (morphed) into something we can wrap our minds around… to envision as an aid to our well being. Nothing could be farther from the truth, debilitating and restrictive (a leg iron and a monitor), to censure and prevent you from doing as you might like to do (by yourself and alone by choice)… once financial capabilities are also included. Have you been inoculated and indoctrinated yet… to be exposed (literally) to the shiny side of this (the side they want you to see) is to become familiar with it? The trap is almost set!

scientia est potentia… Latin for knowledge is power

1 John 4:5 KJV


5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.