There was a day Jesus was welcomed

into Jerusalem as a King… as its King,

that day rode He upon a donkey, a

humble sign of peace, heard people sing…

praised with branches of palm… and

yet seven days later to entomb, embalm,

their minds and hearts turned by the

religious leaders and lost their calm.

What happened… why the change? It is

found between reality and expectation,

the Jews wanted to be free from Roman

control, the iron hand of their realization

this was not the King wanted for the place

they were in, we want him (the King) now…

but God was come to serve their need

for redemption, the lamb of God, and how

this was Jehovah Emmanuel, the scholars

unknowing the God they served in the flesh,

for this was Jesus to come… spare humanity

from their sins: renewed, seen clean and fresh.

From a life without sin He bore our sins for us. From our lives of sin, nowcovered by His blood, we are seen by God as righteous- by the love and grace of His Son. From the obedience of Jesus to fulfill the will of God… we learn this true and good to be applied to our own lives. You have but to believe Jesus is who He claimed He was- the Son of God, God almighty, Jehovah Emmanuel!

John 12:13 KJV


13 Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.

[Below is found under the Commentary Critical under the compare button for the scripture above]

Jesus cried–in a loud tone, and with peculiar solemnity. (Compare John 7:37 ).
and said, He that believeth on me, &c.–This seems to be a supplementary record of some weighty proclamations, for which there had been found no natural place before, and introduced here as a sort of summary and winding up of His whole testimony.

Can man make this proclamation without sinning? No… neither did Jesus!

[This is found in Matthew Henry’s Commentary below… verses 27-33]

The sin of our souls was the troubled of Christ’s soul, when he undertook to redeem and save us, and to make his soul an offering for our sin.The voice of the Father from heaven, which had declared him to be his beloved Son, at his baptism, and when he was transfigured, was heard proclaiming that He had both glorified his name, and would glorify it. Christ, reconciling the world to God by the merit of his death, broke the power of death, and cast out Satan as a destroyer. Christ, bringing the world to God by the doctrine of his cross, broke the power of sin, and cast out Satan as a deceiver. The soul that was at a distance from Christ, is brought to love him and trust him.There is power in the death of Christ to draw souls to him. We have heard from the gospel that which exalts free grace, and we have heard also that which enjoins duty; we must from the heart embrace both, and not separate them.