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There can be little doubt, mankind… and as a society, needs to gain back the ability to communicate with each other again. In a culture, digitally fed, simple (old school) things are becoming a thing of the past, like: talking to someone directly, expressing an idea (without drama involved) or understanding this only involves you if you believe yourself to be involved. If questions arise to cause anyone to be irritated by them, I will be the first to apologize. Will you forgive me (meant from the heart when asked), and now let’s find out why you are being annoyed? There would be no patience for a Brother or Sister outside the faith if none can be offered to a Brother or Sister inside the faith, is there?


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How odd it is to think this might be the norm. A time when the actions of man go against the will of God. Where will you go when you die? A timely question facing all of us… and I look forward to the provision of endurance, patience and love being met. Being Christian means to know what will be coming on the world stage (very soon) and to understand the importance to standing strong in Christ Jesus- one with each other in Jesus. I can think of no time in human history this has becoming clearer as the great Tribulation draws closer.

Four eye witnesses to history: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us the “Good News” in the gospel [as gospel means good news]… and eternal life, given through grace only, for accepting Jesus in to our lives. This means we believe: Jesus Christ was, is and is to come back… the Ark of His arms will be closed off (the body of Christ spared) and the great Tribulation will begin.

The Passover Jesus died on the cross for us, to pay a debt He didn’t owe for those that could not pay (you and I are included here). This is the time to renew the call to die to ourselves and share more of Him and less of us to a dying world. It is not what we don’t do but the actions to: build up, encourage and share the message of hope to humanity. These are the things moth and rust cannot touch… so let’s touch the world with loving care.



Did you know about the Temple to be built (prophecy told us in Daniel and spoken of in Revelation) again in Jerusalem?

[What is seen below is in abstracts, from here, and grants us love of God and His will to be done… not something we should take upon ourselves to determine the outcome or be worried over.]


In the Bible anxiety is frequently depicted as the common human reaction to stressful circumstances. Paul urges: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” ( Php 4:6 ).

Freedom from anxiety begins with confession that it is not God’s will. In fact, anxiety is a subtle insinuation that God is either unable or disinclined to see to our welfare. Other remedial measures include recognizing the futility of worry ( Matt 6:27 ; Luke 12:25 ); cultivating a growing understanding of God’s power and fatherly disposition ( Matt 6:26 ; Luke 12:30 ); entrusting to God the things that we cannot control ( 1 Pe 5:7 ); increasingly viewing things in eternal perspective ( Matt 6:32-34 ; Luke 12:30-34 ); and substituting prayer for worry ( Php 4:6 ).


P.S. To think this came out of being un-friended on Facebook… one to remain anonymous- for obvious reason. It has not been the person but the actions a person takes which teach us all.