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If the truest definition of philosophy is to cause thinking to aid that which improves man’s existence… today it fails us. Whereas it once could have meant,”Historically, ‘philosophy’ encompassed any body of knowledge1️⃣. As to using, or relying on, Eliminativism2️⃣… to deny God exists- this really proves nothing but a strident belief (especially under the prevailing thoughts of Nihilism) to deny or reject a plausible understanding… God exists [ https://wordsthathavemeaning.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/a-bible-study-for-june-25th-2013-be-not-deceived-by-man-about-gods-existence-or-his-truth/ ]! As for the skeptical (doubting or unconvinced) and their less than convinced opinions to whether God exists… I ‘d share a few posts with them to reason with- a logical viewpoint being drawn to one conclusion- not only does God exist but He has tried to spare you from ‘a hell

[ http://www.biblestudytools.com/dictionaries/bakers-evangelical-dictionary/hell.html ] of certain separation from Him’3️⃣. The final days of man, or the end of days, is come to the doorstep we call today. There is a description for how mankind will act in the final days… and what is told us in prophecy fits this description to a tee. To meet the criteria of being a Prophet (Biblically speaking) there would have to be a one hundred percent accuracy… nothing less would do. I do hope you will ponder this thought… this truth… and reason with yourself (and God) if no one else. Your personal future and the future address for your living spirit depends on it!


So, in order to help a cause, to aid in granting improvement to man’s existence… seeking a practical means for amelioration, I’d like to share with you causes and valid reasons to believe in God. First… there is evidence4️⃣. Secondly… there is a changing of the mind (as is common to man from any votary by sure change), be it an: Atheist, Moslem or abortionist5️⃣. Thirdly… the matter of ‘free will’ is to leave you to decide on your own- isn’t this like God… a God that desires your love is one that needs not to force you into it! When you look for love is when you’ll find it6️⃣. If, truly, philosophy is for improving man’s condition, and philosophy itself… being built from more than conjecture- we see the difference between what is used for philosophy (a basis) vs. what is left from the Christian perspective (its basis). For philosophy we find ‘the basics of Philosophy’ from here [ http://www.philosophybasics.com/historical.html ]. From what is called Ancienthttp://www.philosophybasics.com/historical_presocratic.html ]… and noted on the link for the page,”Generally speaking, all that remains of their works are a few textual fragments and the quotations of later philosophers and historians”. For Christianity, which includes: the Torah, O.T. (Old Testament) and N.T writings… Christian papyri, uncials and Codices: Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Alexandrinus, and Dead Sea Scrolls (these Scrolls are housed here today, in the Shrine of the Book). As you can see… there is more proof to the telling of Christianity than not, and in this writer’s mind… it would seem harder not to believe than it is to believe in Jesus Christ.


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