One should ever think about
the other side of tomorrow,
to think about the possibilities
of this life you cannot borrow,
there are things you’ll need to
realize more than simple realty,
and to be the most important is
your dedication to your fealty,
to know just who you have to answer
to beyond yourself… of course,
to know we all must answer to
someone higher than us, the source,
these are things that cannot be
bought… as if one man can pay,
the veracity of man’s truth to read…
as if he would do and will so say,
to ever be in the shade of his
night… left so alone ’til light,
not seeing beyond his capabilities…
to remain blind, even with his sight,
there are things man will deny…
keeping to his own sacred tradition
but forsaking our past is to kneel
to the Great Spirit, to sever relation,
to know His time is our time, His
space is our space… all is His time,
truth alone is His… no matter the tribe
of man, Creator God knows no grime,
the cliff face of man’s sheer
foolishness, to deny God His own…
all time and space, no shaman of
lessor gods or demons will be shown
to know The God that shatters all
that oppose Him from their belief,
it is this to be the cause for man
to nowise elude this shed of grief…
what the greatness beholds as so
small is what we’ve known in life
and it limits as it defines all man-
for it will be the cause of strife,
the belief of man in man… not in
God, He shares His might with none,
there are no tribes man lives in that
will survive but God’s own… no not one.


God has been reaching out to mankind from the very beginning of mankind’s history… to be known by one and all. There is no truth to thinking God desires to remain unknown, the proof of His great love for all of us [those choosing to believe in Him] was found in the punishment Jesus endured for us all at the cross. This was the punishment for remaining in our sinful state… from after the fall of man all were found to be born into sin and was the very nature man took unto himself. See the proof in your children, not needing to be taught how to be selfish in the things they say: mine, I want, screaming for attention or throwing tantrums to get their way. This became the ‘sinful state’ we have all been born into. For those repenting of their sins… redemption is possible- all this from a loving God that desires not only to be known but for you to realize He knows you better than you know yourself. Seek Him while you still yet have time! Set about His will for you in this life and prepare for His Kingdom to come.

Jesus was speaking to his disciples and said,”I go to prepare a place for you.” This is when Thomas said,”… how can we know the way?” To know for yourself the truth of God- this is man’s goal in this life… which can carry over to the next, life eternal. We will live forever with Him or away from Him, and our choice becomes the crossroad we all must face- to seek heaven or not?


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The question is,”Does God intend for mankind to know Him or not?” I say YES… absolutely YES, and it would be ‘false’ to believe anything less than that.


John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


See a link to the Dead Sea Scrolls… and ponder which side will win a temporary victory and which side will win eternally [found in the War Scroll]? See them here where they are stored. Learn more from here… as history is (yet) uncovered.


My prayer is that all might come to know ’The God that already knows us,’ and would not be against us if we but accept His truth… His way and the life He offers us all- if we but believe in Him! You will think about this, won’t you? I pray you will. (D.V.)