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Making reference to the Bible and saying you are well
versed is one thing… when one’s actions don’t match
up there is undue doubt to the profoundness of its claim…
of what is then stated and shown to be against the latch
of any believer, ‘the why’ is the next obvious question to
be asked, where true discernment comes to be so vital,
if one cannot tell the purpose and need to use deception
is based on being a part of something perceived as nodal…
a connection point, again ‘the why’ comes back as if to say
there could be more… much more to be said or to be found
If there is but an active imagination to reasons people do
what they do… what they say or take offense to all around,
and then to lodge complaint about someone they don’t even
know, let alone feign they are a part of the family of God…
If this was as true as they represented themselves to be, a
Brother does not try to rip you apart, no response to applaud,
the Good Samaritan comes to mind, or the log in one’s eye
not seen but the splinter in another becomes their new focus
as due cause for them to slight inclusion of God’s love or the
reason needed for forgiveness… self seeking then a bonus
but is not the reason mankind needs Jesus, the Savior, for
we have all been born into sin and do see through the glass
this darkly, thinking we have it so right and yet would be so
wrong in our assumptions, learned more our defects we gloss
and slap the hand or face of the distressed, a widow, an orphan
when there is no love coming from what was learned, now black
and white instead of wrong or right… rendered to form without
the substance to sustain the forgiveness rendered, now a lack
and demonstrative functionality of love, real love… God’s own
Son came from heaven, chose a people to tell the whole world
of His existence… and from selfishness they were scattered…
as history would indicate, there has never been a people seen to
return to their land before, God’s deliverance is what mattered.

[The view shown below, on Brotherly love… in abstract (Christian to Christian or neighbor to neighbor), comes from here.]


As A Moral Ideal:


And the Christian ideal of society is that a similar relation should exist between all men without limit or distinction. Agape, “love” (see CHARITY), is the word in the New Testament that generally denotes this ideal. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” is the whole law of conduct as between man and man (Matthew 22:39,40); and neighbor includes every man within one’s reach (Luke 10:29), even enemies (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:35). Without the love of man, the love of God is impossible, but “he that abideth in love abideth in God” (1 John 4:16,20).


As Actual Between Christians:


Yet it is the Christian’s duty, like God, to maintain his disposition of love and benevolence to those that hate and curse him (Luke 6:27,28). But within the Christian community, love should respond to love, and find its fulfillment, for there all men are, or should be, God’s sons actually, “because the love of God hath been shed abroad in our hearts, through the Holy Spirit which was given unto us” (Romans 5:5). And this mutual love within the Christian brotherhood (1 Peter 5:9) is called philadelphia.


Please come to find this article and this letter (article) are inextricably linked together.


Fear V