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It is the Geneva Bible that accompanied the Pilgrims to America…
and it predates the King James Version of the Bible by 51 years,
one of the most significant translations into English and historic
In its own right, and be it known there has never been any fears
of import to what is contained in the various translations to bring
one to wonder if man has been the cause of its resilient source…
for God has always been in control… sitting over the mundane
affairs of man and ever so able to affect man by His outsource
and omnipotence, for though man has (indeed) written the holy
scriptures it was by God’s doing and direction it remains intact,
never a chance of happenstance or blind faith, as the world might
sooner suppose or assume, by a method for man to know: contact,
insight of God’s character, His will and desires for man and the
true nature of His existence is proclaimed throughout the writing,
for it is in fact… the very words of God that pierce man’s soul, and
the divide is one to cause belief or relief of purpose- hell is waiting.


When we compare side-to-side older versions of scripture with more current versions there are only modest changes (alterations) in the text; which signifies the majority of thought is still prevalent, strong and clear by meaning. Let’s compare the KJV and some of the other Bibles to see this truth plainly, look below…


Numbers 23:19 KJV
19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good


(This is from The Great Bible (1540) and seen below)




You can compare the verse listed above with other versions here. Please understand what is listed through them meant this, found by way of abstract [from Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible] below…


Men change their minds, and break their words; but God never changes his mind, and therefore never recalls his promise. And when in Scripture he is said to repent, it does not mean any change of his mind; but only a change of his way. If the Lord sees that we trust in his mercy, and accept of his salvation; that we indulge no secret lust, and continue not in rebellion, but endeavour to serve and glorify him; we may be sure that he looks upon us as accepted in Christ, that our sins are all pardoned. Oh the wonders of providence and grace, the wonders of redeeming love, of pardoning mercy, of the new-creating Spirit!


As to God being the son of man, that being Jesus Christ Himself, please know one thing… there is much more to the phrase ‘the son of man’ than most would presume or claim- especially if they are basing what would be expressed as truth is coming from a: supposition, assumption, speculation, thought or personal belief attributed as their own.


If one relies solely on one version (of the Bible) as the basis for their arguments of discord, or to dispel what one might consider truth, then they have failed miserably in their efforts- for the varied versions contain more similitude than not.

When it comes to physical proof Jesus existed, look at your watch and think why time is so precious to us all… without trying to squeeze what little time we find, in our busy schedules today, to be with the ones we love. Then look to the calendars we might use and think, why is there a time called ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ in human history? The answer as obvious as it might be… seems to be overlooked, wouldn’t you agree? It matters not when this actually started (or by who) for the fulcrum of time is divided by Jesus Himself- an eternity without time or an eternity thinking about the time he gave us to change… and didn’t is the most important aspect here.

Knowing something about a little history, and learning just how important it should be to each of us, is to discover how strictly Roman law was enforced. To defy the Emperor or the orders given a soldier in the Roman Army was to expect a sudden death would come quickly. To be placed in a position of power, having people under your command, is a position of authority… and where the centurion, named Gaianus, was after the crucifixion (most likely to be one and the same in charge of the execution as well), The Chapel of the Centurion of Armageddon.


[When people write things like this, seen below… and is written by a person named Negan [Negans Bat… on Facebook}, don’t attack them personally… but do challenge the ideas they would foster from the claims they present. If they can’t take the heat in ‘the kitchen of thought’ then they shouldn’t cook near the flames of truth… ones they express as being absolute. I’d like to offer an apology to Negan for not placing his name here (as the words below were written by him, and this was changed to reflect his concerns on Thursday, Jan. 12th, 2017) as he would like it to be openly declared. As to his claim I stole [slander is spoken information to damage one’s character, and libel is publishing false information damaging to a person’s reputation] from his post… No, it is still there. The words I used, Yes, but now you get into: Public Domain and Copyright infringement issues. Funny thing is… you need to have your words under Copyright protection for them to apply. See two links to this truth being covered before you see the words he posted at Facebook.]


Public Domain: as is thought for and of Social Media.

Ideas: here it is speaking about ideas (thoughts) being protected if they are covered by Copyright.


Jesus is NOT GOD
Jesus is NOT the son of GOD
Jesus is NOT in any historical documents
There is no physical item connected to Jesus
There is NO family of Mary or Joseph
There is 0 proof of Jesus
Jesus was created by the mind of man
Jesus is NOT real
You can not show physical proof he existed



How does one explain this then?



The ossuary has this inscription (picture from BAR… Biblical Archaeology Review),”James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.”


Since there is a little saying in Latin, that reads,”Semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit (the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges),” one should be quicker to show reasons for their own claims than to blindly rely on a false notion without providing proof to substantiate personal thought. I will offer two other readings for a couple of thought provoking forms of proof. The first being called,”Linger not on conjecture.” The second comes from a book written by a former homicide detective, an atheist turned christian, a book entitled,”Cold-case Christianity,” by J. Warner Wallace. See the book cover below…






From a Christian idiot… me!