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Christmas is not about the presents under the tree
but how much of Christ’s presence is in you and me,
here is where ‘you and I’ are the same, born into sin,
there is no goodness found in us for us to even grin,
there are none good but God alone, for He is ideal
in: model, perfection of goodness… example so real
to reach down and become as man man’s sacrifice,
now the paschal lamb… born was He to die for peace
between God and man, restored the connection, link,
death itself rendered null and void, for what we think
has never been above the thoughts of God by call…
yet to realize it when we see ourselves to be so small,
Jesus’s birth was heralded by angels, more than a man
was He, and lowly shepherds were told first, God’s plan
to show parallels throughout His words to us in grace…
to know, unmerited, His love would lead us to His face,
to know us, each one, personally as we’re to do the same…
Jesus showed us God’s attributes, the Savior is His name.`


[The words below, if not for some of the peculiarities of time and historic accuracy, might even be thought of as coming from within this time, the modern day, and seen as if we quickly approach ‘the end of days’ or time of mankind’s reign.]


Lament for us; that the Only-begotten is blasphemed, and there is no one to protest; the Holy Spirit is set at nought, and he who could refute, is an exile. Polytheism has got possession. They have among them a great God and a lesser; ‘Son’ is considered not to denote nature hut to be a title of honour. The Holy Spirit does not complete the Trinity, nor partake in the divine and Blessed Nature, but, as if one among creatures, is carelessly and idly added to Father and Son. The ears of the simple are led astray, and have become accustomed to heretical profaneness. The infants of the Church are fed in the words of impiety. For what can they do? Baptisms are in Arian hands; the care of travellers; visitation of the sick; consolation of mourners; succour of the distressed; helps of all sorts; administrations of the mysteries; which all, being performed by them, became a bond to the people to be on a good understanding with them; so that, in a little while, even though liberty be granted us, no hope will remain that they, who are encompassed by so lasting a deceit, should be brought back again to the acknowledgment of the truth.”


(Please know the words above, except the poem, come from here. Thus he, the Exarch of Csesarea, made himself the servant of all. “My brother Dorotheus,” he writes to Peter of Alexandria in 377 a.d., ” distressed me by failing, as you report, in gentleness and mildness in his conversations with your excellency. I attribute this to the unkindness of the times.)

[The words below come from here, either found in the Syriac or ancient Syriac Documents, dated 154 a.d. and between 224 and 230 a.d. (believed to be Bardesan(es) by origination, and decry the notion of anything being directed at or fanning the flames of hatred (today). This section, found here, contains this reference,”Again we find this language in the days of the Roman emperors not only in Palmyra1️⃣, but spread also in the whole country of the Nabatheans, and down to almost Medina; here again beyond its native limits, as the official written language.”]

1… Please note: Palmyra was recently destroyed, reported June 24th, 2015.




“You must distinctly understand(68) that, in all cases in which Nature is disturbed from its direct course, its disturbance comes by reason of Fate; and this happens because the Chiefs(69) and Governors, with whom rests that agency of change(70) which is called Nativity, are opposed to one another. Some of them, which are called Dexter, are those which help Nature, and add to its predominance,(71) whenever the procession is favourable to them, and they stand in those regions of the zodiac which are in the ascendant, in their own portions.(72) Those, on the contrary, which are called Sinister are evil, and whenever they in their turn are in possession of the ascendant they act in opposition to Nature; and not on men only do they inflict harm, but at times on animals also, and trees, and fruits, and the produce of the year, and fountains of water, and, in short, on everything that is comprised within Nature, which is under their government.



Yes… even Santa prays. Santa was based on someone real, not just a commercialized tool, and his name was St. Nicholas (www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/who-is-st-nicholas/ )


“But, when God wills them, all things are possible, and they may take place without hindrance: for there is nothing that can stay that Great and Holy Will. And at the establishment of that new world all evil commotions shall cease, and all rebellions terminate, and the foolish shall be convinced, and all deficiencies shall be filled up, and there shall be quietness and peace, through the gift of the Lord of all existing beings.”


the adoption–It is true that, compared with the new economy, the old was a state of minority and pupilage, and so far that of a bond-servant ( Galatians 4:1-3 ); yet, compared with the state of the surrounding heathen, the choice of Abraham and his seed was a real separation of them to be a Family of God ( Exodus 4:22 , Deuteronomy 32:6 , Isaiah 1:2 , Jeremiah 31:9 , Hosea 11:1 , Malachi 1:6 ).


To become adopted, all you have to do is believe in Him, Jesus Christ, for He is the Savior of the world, Emmanuel.




Romans 10:9 KJV
9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
[The two abstracts found below are found here, under #33.]


(5) What manner of persons ought “God’s elect” to be–in humility, when they remember that He hath saved them and called them, not according to their works, but according to His own purpose and grace, given them in Christ Jesus before the world began ( 2 Timothy 1:9 ); in thankfulness, for “Who maketh thee to differ, and what hast thou that thou didst not receive?” (7) Sincerity in religion, or a general desire to be saved, with assiduous efforts to do right, will prove fatal as a ground of confidence before God, if unaccompanied by implicit submission to His revealed method of salvation ( Romans 9:31-33 ).


Lazarus III

It is only God that could become man… giving His own life as a man, raise and live beyond this event- to die for our sins. Do “You” believe in His love for your own… for your own message to all mankind? Believe!




The ‘Gospel (Good News)’ of Jesus can only be realized when it is: heard, told, believed and acted upon. You will act upon it, won’t you? I pray you will. (D.V.) A Merry Christmas to all of you, 2016!