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A version… aversion to reality…
substitute the desire over truth,
this is when an adaptation to light
becomes the light, contrasting worth
as truth… as proof of enlightenment
attained, similarity will be assumed
as the rendering is accepted, in the
turning away from God and consumed,
worth is then the value sought… no
longer contained but self-serving in
its nature… now more demanding by
its hate, lowered from shame’s chagrin,
if deserved to gain attention… this a
false sense of pride and arrogance
but those taught and trained will soon
ensnare the folly of dignity’s durance¹,
and they will not spare the life of any
in their path to harbor indifference or
disbelief, faithful seeds of destruction
embellished by lies none can ignore.

1… durance, imprisonment or confinement… (and I’d add) denied heaven.


We too can be found imprisoned in our own thoughts, beliefs, and not realize it until it is to late. It is better to find the truth than believe a lie… maintaining a false hope and false expectation. The living God of the Hebrews died for your sins, the sinful state we have all been born into, that you might be spared from hell itself. Hell was created to house those kicked out of heaven but will hold all choosing to worship the fallen one (also)- the brightest of all the angelic beings. He was called,”the Father of lies,” and still is to this day and age- a thief of souls. In him is found nothing but deceit and deception, false hope and promises… for to gain the minds of people and be worshiped as a god is his goal. Salvation comes to humanity by Jesus Christ alone… taking away the sins of the world. Prepare yourselves and repent!



There is no other God that has ever left the heavenly spaces to come to Earth and take on human form, to die to save us individually, and Abraham walked with Him as his personal friend. You can do the same thing Abraham did… obtain a ‘personal relationship’ with the almighty God yourself. Seek Him while we still have time to be in His grace and not under His wrath to come, won’t you?


Messiah II

The choice is yours… and affects your eternal status- with or without God in your presence!