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When can a life be unaffected by a fire that’s shared
or a belief as told when personal bias is put aside?
If there is any commonality, and there is, then there
is where it is seen being enslaved by thoughts abide,
for by bribe is by lie… is less than honest when stealing
glory from the living God, the God become man to die
for all humanity, there is no neutrality, and when you
abstain from Him as God is when He refuses to try
us as His own for our lack of belief… lack of regard
for what was done on our behalf, for the sake of life
and all that would claim to know life as their sole own…
where we open the door to evil and address our strife.


When a view of something, not our own, is perceived to be what we imagine it to be is when the very nature of our vision is obscured by this supposed bias- this belief that we have it right. It has been said, assumption makes an ass out of all of us. The excerpt (abstract) below is fraught with misleading ‘assumptions’ and they are detrimental to sound belief. The reference comes from the book, entitled,”The Future of Islam,” by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt.



British assumptions about Muslims, 1882.

Knowing there are many boundaries that seek to divide us from one another… in Christianity there is one that died for all. There is no need to kill or harm someone that does not believe as you… this has never been a spiritual need but a desire of a heart unwilling to share another belief of its importance. Free will has always been God’s will for mankind, and faith is fulfilled in the belief of God by one’s choosing to follow Him- for who He is… God. There has never a God willing to die for us, to resurrect from the dead… proving life exists beyond the grave. We will be with Him or against Him by the choice we make. Brothers and Sisters are we all… the image of God’s own hand, wed who you will and taste the Lord’s truth above thoughts of mortal men.



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