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We can not be any less than
forgiving one for their mistakes…
to see as equals, in our love
of God, means there are no fakes,
to see as the victims of Charleston
and their families touched by hate,
to forgive the one that did such harm…
to go beyond what some call fate,
this door of hardness comes at
times with a smile so soft and sweet,
stay strong in God’s love… it is His
love that wraps us up before we meet
Him face to face, a just God… a holy
God, Jesus Christ is whom we serve,
this is the God that pardons all man’s
sins… not to receive what we deserve.


There is no one exempt: Muslim or Christian, Black or White, Male or Female… for Jesus did die to deliver you from hell or hellish thoughts here. All mankind are Brothers and Sisters… each and every one. We should be this and do this each and every day. We have but to confess our sins, accept Jesus Christ for who He said He was, is and will be for all eternity- God incarnate. No one coming after Him will do more for humanity and unless this truth is realized, and acted upon, there is no hope for man without His saving blood [grace] covering you from the gaze of the holy God of Israel. I would be less than truthful if I did not tell you, be you from Syria or the Sudan, Hong Kong or Thailand, San Francisco or Brazil.




Please note: although Jerusalem is mentioned over eight hundred times in the Bible, the returning of Jesus is mentioned (or referred to) one thousand eight hundred and forty five times. If the predictions made about Jesus (prophecy) coming the first time have been proven to be accurate [100%], then the predictions of His second coming will be equally accurate and will come to pass. Are you sure you will be joyful when He returns- strive to seek Him while there is still time. Pray for all of humanity… as this is the will of God- that none should perish!



I can not think of one good reason for any one of any faith to do this to one claimed as Sister… or Brother, born into the very image of God are we all. Pray with love for forgiveness.