There comes a darkened night of yore…
of myth… its manner is of darkness itself,
the night consists of those come to swallow
the whole Earth, to consume and to engulf,
draw nigh to God and He will protect you
and spare your eternal life, the life precious…
to precious to save your hide and lose your
immortal soul, none but God is so ferocious,
fear no man that can take only your life here…
there is one holding the keys to life and death,
beyond the capacity to terrorize those living
today, and would deprive you of choice couth¹
and of its fulness so eternal… the life of the
Spirit is this to be aware of, there is life to come,
and it rests up to your choice… to decide if what
you have now is most vital or would become
the core of your own trivial stasis, then inactive
to what God desires from you or (even) for you,
a pearl of great price² is found when it’s looked
for… none more precious is this by hale³ and clue,
therein is the difference between goodness or
this benighted blight come to consume your soul,
see to it that only heaven above is your eternal
destination, to seek God’s face your only goal.




1… known or made known vs. unknown and unrecognized.
2… The kingdom of heaven is compared to a “pearl of great price.” Look to Matthew 7:6 and here for a better understanding. You can also find one more viewpoint expressed very well here… and pray for His acceptance, Jesus Christ… the High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, to be your own.
3… healthy, fighting fit, as right as rain.