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To think is to reason what logical is to unsurprising.”
Russell D. Holder

Since you already know… I find it illogical when people can base what little they do believe on the most unlikely considerations… even imagination. I find it more than illogical, even perplexing, when people (might) insist on commenting without an explanation to the rationale they use to arrive at their conclusion(s) expressed- as if they might be an authority on anything at all. To find this as their reason [for themselves] not to believe in what stems from (for the sake of example) the Bible. Let’s search for some validity to ruminate on… and go past history, logic, prophetic writing… to look at some examples of who has stood in opposition, changed their minds (unable to dispute what they found or unwilling to protest further) and became ‘believers’ themselves. I will stick to three separate people and three different reasons for this drastic change in ‘believability’- by way of solid information both logical and practical.


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I guess (I know… it sounds illogical?) he never heard of Jesus at all!

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One of the first(such) people which comes to mind is Antony Flew, an avowed atheist… well learned and educated secularist. It was once told me (truth or fiction… I’m not sure) Antony Flew originally set out to disprove God exists but there were things he could not answer due to causality- and it might just be the ‘Intelligent Design’ issues he came across with research on DNA itself. Look here. It seems he could not come to a firm conclusion to believe in a ‘self perpetuating/replicating [the naturalistic view or explanation] first organism.’ To think (rationally or logically) it came about by accident and run headlong into the ‘Intelligent Design’ issues would seal the questions which he faced personally.


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I found a man that was raised Muslim, from Syria, and later suffered a brain aneurysm… that left him in a coma for a month. After this experience he began a twenty year journey- toward full acceptance in Jesus being who He claimed He was. This man’s name is Karim Shamsi-Basha and here is his story. See the cover of his book below.


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This is one open declaration I cannot fathom… one that seems ‘illogical’ presented with the abundance of evidence in the Bible and Torah- both!


Dr. Bernard Nathanson went from being an advocate of abortion, to being an abortionist… and then became a giant for the pro-life movement. Read this article, dated February 27th, 2011, and from The Witherspoon Institute, on his background and ground breaking 180° turn around in the face of truth. A brief abstract from the hyperlink above is found below…

By 1980, the weight of evidence in favor of the pro-life position had overwhelmed Nathanson and driven him out of the practice of abortion. He had come to regard the procedure as unjustified homicide and refused to perform it. Soon he was dedicating himself to the fight against abortion and revealing to the world the lies he and his abortion movement colleagues had told to break down public opposition.


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After producing the documentary film,”The Silent Scream¹,” and the reaction² of the unborn child threatened with imminent extinction. If this is to serious for you then I give you an ad from YouTube, a Superbowl Doritos commercial, that simply unnerved NARAL into a complaint, see below… and know Dr. Nathanson would probably approve.


1… You may run to NARAL and Planned Parenthood, with Hillary or President Obama, but you can find this movie on VHS here, see the YouTube version here, and find there is always the chance (with divine intervention) you’ll change your mind if you favor abortion yourself.

2… the movie was de-bunked and due to the the inability of the fetus (the un-born human baby) to exhibit cognitive skills, being undeveloped as yet. There is still debate as to if a fetus is capable of experiencing pain.

P.S. I think we should all consider #NotBuyingIt when it comes to supporting NARAL or Planned Parenthood themselves. It is man that must answer God for what we’ve done… and not the other way around.


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Unfortunately, this is the growing trend… my answer is the image below!

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