Gambling on logic

Gambling on logic. What are you willing to gamble on?

“To think is to reason what logical is to unsurprising.”
Russell D. Holder


Since you already know… I find it illogical when people can base what little they do believe on the most unlikely considerations… even imagination. I find it more than illogical, even perplexing, when people (might) insist on commenting without an explanation to the rationale they use to arrive at their conclusion(s) expressed- as if they might be an authority on anything at all. To find this as their reason [for themselves] not to believe in what stems from (for the sake of example) the Bible. Let’s search for some validity to ruminate on… and go past history, and logic… to look at some examples of what is: implied, stated and perceivable through the lens of ‘prophetic writing’.


When it comes to ‘prophetic writing’ and the prophecies contained within the Bible, one must understand (come to know) one third of the Bible is prophecy. Of the 1/3rd of the prophecy foretold us… two thirds have already come to pass. In other words, what has become the validity of the words spoken about (in the past) has turned out to bear a 100% accuracy rate. I know of no other book written by humans, on the subject of God Himself, with this same accuracy; which implies God has been the source for it all along. How else could it happen so? To think anything else becomes ‘illogical‘. Add to this thought… if two thirds have become ‘provable in human history’, why would we think nothing will come true from the remaining third; which is our present day and forward (yet to come)?


It is surprising, when one is unaware of this fact, is just how ‘illogical‘ this seems… to understand prophecy related before it happens turns out to be ‘history told us in advance’. There were more than 360 prophecies foretold about Jesus being the Jewish Messiah, look here. Twenty-eight prophecies fulfilled on the day of His Crucifixion, look here and obtain a PDF you can download. Here you’ll find a short list and purpose filled understanding coming from it.


Beyond finding out Jesus has fulfilled prophecy, in His life, death and resurrection, is to look at ‘probability‘… from a ‘logical’ perspective. Here is an amazing link showcasing the ‘odds’ to this event, with Dr. John Stoner, Author of “Science Speaks“. So were the Old Testament Prophets just guessing? That would really be ‘illogical‘, wouldn’t it?


I know from the truth of this being factual by: eyewitness accounts (directly there and present at the time of it happening) found in the Bible [Matthew, Mark, Luke and John], the Roman historian Flavius Josephus¹ (37 CE- circa 100 CE) also wrote about it, Biblical Archaeology: with digs and discoveries to validate and vindicate the authenticity of the history spoken of in the Bible, i.e. people, locations and events.


Although crucifixion was used to kill Jesus, it was given to be invented by the Persians… but spoken of in the Bible much earlier than that, Deuteronomy 21:22, or found in Psalm 22– some 400 years before it took place. See in abstract, from Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Concise), what was clearly implied by it, from it and for humanity (if they but believe it true… that Jesus died for us individually).


By the law of Moses, the touch of a dead body was defiling, therefore dead bodies must not be left hanging, as that would defile the land. There is one reason here which has reference to Christ; “He that is hanged is accursed of God;” that is, it is the highest degree of disgrace and reproach. Those who see a man thus hanging between heaven and earth, will conclude him abandoned of both, and unworthy of either. Moses, by the Spirit, uses this phrase of being accursed of God, when he means no more than being treated most disgracefully, that it might afterward be applied to the death of Christ, and might show that in it he underwent the curse of the law for us; which proves his love, and encourages to faith in him.


Lord III

Who would you believe in, any less than God come to serve mankind with His own loss (of human life)- resurrection proved He was God Himself!

1… As to the writings of Josephus, you can download his writings found here, compliments of the Gutenburg Project) and if you do not live in the US then please readTerms of Use‘. It would appear ‘logically‘ that one of the enemies of Josephus, in Rome, was Apion (30-20 BC- circa 45-48 AD), a Hellenized Egyptian.


P.S. I’d like to add this to the list of prophecy known, and this one is mathematical in nature, found at this link and concerning the 70 weeks of years (490= 70 x 7)- told us in Daniel 9: 24-25.


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