Over Earth, ground and sand, scuttles
the scorpion- eyes weak and tail quick,
some times the stinging truth to be stated…
and heard… often, not fully understood.

Libra tells of balance, stability to be
weighed and measured… the movement of
stars and hours and days to shadows cleared
by sunlight… bathed in logical movements.

Cancer in water lives and scurries by
tidal whims to ebb and flow of life, in
a whole… guided by tidal pull of moon
to fluidity, rightly so as one of Earth’s water.

Leo to roar as the plains shiver in
reverberation of the undeniable sounds
of power remain… undeniably… care center-
ed on self but sometimes shared with others.

The twins of Gemini to show two views… two
paths… two places the same with two
heads enabling one to show twice the
change… to switch course by need to be.

Capricorn is defiant to stubborn deter-
mination by manner for self fulfillment,
moved in self absorbed motions regardless
of the self-deprivation to achieve sighted goals.

Pisces swims to music played to one, devoted
to family, his or her own most precious to defend
to death or to cause same in defense of own-
should something be done to ruin such harmony.

Aquarius is the creative one to wave banners
proclaiming individuality- first, quick to form
opinions, but unabashedly firm on independence,
moves to the beat of an internal drummer… march on.

Sagittarius is the Mother hen of signs, jovial
in nature and detail oriented to count pennies
to realize an expected end… either for self
or for greater good had by all within influence.

Aries tackles challenges head-on, courageous
and often leading the charge to aid motivation,
leads to new paths- pioneering a paved way
to share in the abundance afforded in fleece.

Virgo is known as the ‘shy’ sign, sexual beings
by nature, some times sharing after analyzing
the devotion capable of its partner, manners
cloaked by wisdom… when welcomed in- just enjoy.

Taurus is the sign for brute power, but prefers
stability, stability unsettled by suddenness changing
their tranquility of expectation for daily activities,
charge it will to burden- stopping the self indulgence.

Planetary movements, special points and signs of
ascendancy, Sun and Moon to aid in understanding
toward an auxiliary descendant, houses to tell
impart of future, now or past, impact- part of fortune.

All this is the mathematics of Man and the efforts
of telling of nature, explaining self and relating
ways of views and the worldly vision quest to see…
anything but looking into the heavenly eyes of God.


Is this not true… more so today than at any other time in human history?

Hands I

All creation is in His hands!


P.S. This is an older writing for me… but it is also one I thought I lost- so I’m re-posting it here.