See freedom as the Jewish people understand freedom

to know from slavery to be led by God through the desert,

God followed through on His promise of deliverance but

they’d find not freedom in selfishness followed, such regret,

for freedom was not found in seeking earthly pleasures…

Solomon declared it vanity, a loss of sanity with the Lord,

and yet today there is this sense of emptiness that prevails

upon us, as a societal drain, no anchor found with the bored,

this emptiness of heart… of soul is filled by one thing and

one thing only, the freedom to serve the Lord… willingly,

this was the purpose to free will itself, to know it was done

by choice and not force, for the consequences are wolfishly

not understood by the mind of a natural man/woman in the

throes of self consumption… self absorbed, in the now,

disobedience to do as God desires (in this life… His will)

can find us thinking all Gods are the same and not how

different is the Hebrew God, the God that sets mankind

free… from sin, from selfish pride… to take up our cross

and follow Jesus Christ, the Messiah/Savior and our

Deliverer, not a god made with: wood, stone or brass.

TF (true freedom) I

John 8:36 KJV


36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.



[Found below is from Commentary by Matthew Henry… on the Whole Bible (Concise) on Romans 8:18]

All things whatever, in heaven and earth, are not so great a display of God’s free love, as the gift of his coequal Son to be the atonement on the cross for the sin of man; and all the rest follows upon union with him, and interest in him. All things, all which can be the causes or means of any real good to the faithful Christian. He that has prepared a crown and a kingdom for us, will give us what we need in the way to it. Men may justify themselves, though the accusations are in full force against them; but if God justifies, that answers all. By Christ we are thus secured. By the merit of his death he paid our debt. Yea, rather that is risen again. This is convincing evidence that Divine justice was satisfied. We have such a Friend at the right hand of God; all power is given to him. He is there, making intercession. Believer! does your soul say within you, Oh that he were mine! and oh that I were his; that I could please him and live to him! Then do not toss your spirit and perplex your thoughts in fruitless, endless doubts, but as you are convinced of ungodliness, believe on Him who justifies the ungodly. You are condemned, yet Christ is dead and risen. Flee to Him as such.


Grace in the soul is its new nature; the soul is alive to God, and has begun its holy happiness which shall endure for ever. The righteousness of Christ imputed, secures the soul, the better part, from death. From hence we see how much it is our duty to walk, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

[We are saved by God’s grace (not by our works), the works we do come from the love we have for Him (this is not done to gain favor or to show God how good we are), and in our freedom, found through Him, we are to love all those who might listen or not. This is ‘true freedom’, to know… ]

This is the gospel call. The love of God, ruling in the hearts of those who once were enemies to him, proves that they have been called according to his purpose. This encourages our faith and hope; for, as for God, his way, his work, is perfect. While God is for us, and we keep in his love, we may with holy boldness defy all the powers of darkness.

Please know there is a big difference between seeing things as man does (the way of the world… and those involved with UN supported aid, such as ‘the Clinton Global Initiative’ site [and here]) and seeing things as God does.

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