When it comes to quotes, I find some of the best come from A.W. Tozer.

How palpable¹ is the summons of your being
when addressing matters of God as you pray?
Do you sup with Him… dwell on Him or with Him?
You’ll find He guides you where to go- what to say!
I have been broken by my own attempts to face
the trials this life holds (for us all) without Him…
and yet, with Him, I can face armies… and though
my knees might knock I’ll stand, His truth from rim
to rim is the canyon broad I see but to step out
in faith in my frailty and weakness he’ll be there
for me… felt is the knowledge so strong to almost
overcome me, The Creator for the creature where
he is needed… Yahweh Yireh (Our God is a
Gracious Provider), Yahweh Nissi (Our God is truth),
there is found no guile and no deceit in a holy God…
His presence, when asked inside, provides this proof,
reside in me… I ask you willingly to come into my own
heart… to abide/reside within me and I’ll sure follow
the path you direct before my feet: carry my own cross
of sure sorrows will not lead to ground found fallow,
burdens… sure this life has plenty but your burdens
bring my love for you, your burden is light, a choice
I’ve made to be with You and You with me… I need
not wonder any more if my God has heard my voice.

1… palpable: able to be touched or felt, so intense as to be almost touched or felt… or clear to the mind or plain to see.

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