I can think of no better news to share with you than ‘the Gospel’ of Jesus Christ but as a writer… this comes very close to my heart as well. Little wonder I’d be doing both, by sharing with you the news of my next audiobook. The title of the book is,”To the glory of God we shall see.” This will be my third audiobook. Here I can accomplish both goals at the same time. The image has been altered by the original artist and creator… and very good friend, Shayani Ann Turko. You can reach out to her on Twitter… @ShayaniATurko or look her up on her Website… http://www.dreamsinbetweenspaces.com/

A very big ‘Thanks’ Shayani… and now to set it up with the Narrator I’ve had on stand by for a couple of months now. Maranatha!

Your Brother in Christ Jesus,


P.S. The narrator had a name change, so this will be coming (soon) with the new addition.