God never asks more of us than He gives,

His gifts are eternal to those found willing…

precious are the few who do His Father’s will,

to forsake the sins of pleasure for His bidding,

the grace of God is infinitely greater and may

the salvation of one soul spare us our pain,

keep your mind focused despite its surety to

feel… this is God’s service, labor not in vain

or forget whose name you labor for, the Lord…

it is for the Lord, there is no hiding one’s sin,

our part in this abundant mercy, through the

blood of Christ, weary not or the lost don’t win…

there are none to be found without Him, were

we not in this same condition of merit as man

or woman, God unknown to us but His grace

knew us before we loved Him, by eternal plan

this Divine mercy… this flooding of one’s soul

with His influence, to dry bones springs of life,

our lives restored, to justify and sanctify our

spirits… look beyond man’s merit to his strife.

James 5:20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

When the message is told, the ‘Good news’ we call the Gospel of Jesus Christ… the Great Commission, we shall know conviction of a heart to come by means of the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). Since one times one times one equals one… this is how we are to see God Himself (the triune God… God in three parts and all the same). Yes all three parts are uniquely different but in unity of purpose and divine by nature there is but one God we follow… the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Please look at these two entries for ‘Trinity 1‘ and ‘Trinity 2‘ (both coming from the ‘Quick Reference Dictionary’ and quite extensive in scope).

Of many Messianic prophecies, one tells of ‘the Bride (the church… the believers called the body of Christ)’ and it comes from OT (Old Testament)- found in Psalms 45.

Great Commission, the

Mandate to “make disciples of all nations” given by Christ to his disciples following his death and resurrection ( Matt 28:16-20 ; Mark 16:15-18 ; Luke 24:46-49 ; John 20:21-23 ; Acts 1:8 ). Because Christ has been given all authority in heaven and on earth ( Matt 28:19 ), the Great Commission is to be taken with the utmost seriousness by all of his disciples, “to the very end of the age” ( Matt 28:20 ).

The Good News is to be shared with all peoples, for all are sinners, Jews and Gentile alike, and in need of deliverance from sin ( Rom 3 ). All peoples, by faith, can receive God’s provision and are baptized into Christ. In Christ, all distinctions between Jew and Gentile disappear ( Rom 10:12-13 ; Gal 3:28 ).

Without clear discovery of our guilt and danger, we never shall understand the value of Christ’s salvation; but when brought to know ourselves aright, we begin to see the value of the Redeemer. We should have fuller views of the Redeemer, and more lively affections to him, if we more prayed for, and depended on the Holy Spirit.

Matthew Henry (from Commentary on John 16)


A very Dear friend, named Eva (Eva D. R. Force and at LinkedIn), left me this comment…

King James Version (KJV)

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anoitest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.


and for whatever reason… this is my response (below); which I’m unable to add in the format I’ve been provided here. If I had to guess… the font has been changed to one (unadaptable/incompatible) not usable. By the way, the scripture which Eva referenced is Psalm 23:5.

Proverbs 3:3 (KJV)

3 Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart:

1 Corinthians 10:21 (KJV)

21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

There are to be two tables in the end times, one will be the marriage supper of the Lamb (Luke 14:8 and Revelation 19:9) and the other… the great supper of God (Zephaniah 1:7)- Christ’s victory over His enemies. Both will be set by God Himself, Jesus. We all have been given a choice… the choice to go to the feast of our own choosing, willingly!


To which I must add…

[For Luke 14, this below is a Matthew Henry breakdown and how we can look at this passage]

Christ heals a man on the sabbath. (1-6) He teaches humility. (7-14) Parable of the great supper. (15-24) The necessity of consideration and self-denial. (25-35)

section 1… It requires care to understand the proper connexion between piety and charity in observing the sabbath, and the distinction between works of real necessity and habits of self-indulgence. Wisdom from above, teaches patient perseverance in well-doing.

section 2… But our Lord did not mean that a proud and unbelieving liberality should be rewarded, but that his precept of doing good to the poor and afflicted should be observed from love to him.

section 3… In this parable observe the free grace and mercy of God shining in the gospel of Christ, which will be food and a feast for the soul of a man that knows its own wants and miseries.This reproves the Jewish nation for their neglect of the offers of Christ’s grace. The want of gratitude in those who slight gospel offers, and the contempt put upon the God of heaven thereby, justly provoke him.

section 4… In some way a disciple of Christ will be put to the trial. Though the disciples of Christ are not all crucified, yet they all bear their cross, and must bear it in the way of duty. Sit down and count the cost; consider it will cost the mortifying of sin, even the most beloved lusts. The proudest and most daring sinner cannot stand against God, for who knows the power of his anger? May we seek to be disciples indeed, and be careful not to grow slack in our profession, or afraid of the cross; that we may be the good salt of the earth, to season those around us with the savor of Christ.

yet there is room–implying that these classes had embraced the invitation ( Matthew 21:32 , 12:37 , last clause; John 7:48John 7:49 ); and beautifully expressing the longing that should fill the hearts of ministers to see their Master’s table filled.

If we continue to refuse God’s offer of grace… which do you believe, which table will be prepared for you, spoken of in Proverbs 1:24-33?