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Since this is ‘good Friday’ and salvation is God’s goal for mankind, I’m taking a different tack, a change of course, for this submission. Three is a holy number: three days buried, a triune God, High Priest- Paschal lamb-The Risen Christ (Messiah), body-mind and spirit… so I’m offering the search pages of my ‘Christian Blog’ for,”God’s equal.” Let mankind say what they will about my God… but there is no other to stand against Him. This link amounts to ‘three pages’ and plenty of information… so let any come that might search for Him- in the hopes He will be found. Please look to this link¹ and see what I mean.

I stand today (only) because He has graced me with His love… and I’ll stand tomorrow (only) due to His love, a high school drop-out with a desire to find God. He found me first… loved me before I loved Him- and I hope you’ll come to the same conclusion. This is my prayer this Passover (Easter to some… and no judgement for it). (D.V.)²

Your Brother in Christ Jesus,


1 John 4:19 KJV


19 We love him, because he first loved us.

[If you click on the compare (here also) button (below the scripture… and after you click to the page link given with the passage), you’ll find near the bottom under ‘Commentary Critical’ the information below.]

Jesus Christ is come in the flesh–a twofold truth confessed, that Jesus is the Christ, and that He is come (the Greek perfect tense implies not a mere past historical fact, as the aorist would, but also the present continuance of the fact and its blessed effects) in the flesh (“clothed with flesh”: not with a mere seeming humanity, as the Docetæ afterwards taught: He therefore was, previously, something far above flesh). His flesh implies His death for us, for only by assuming flesh could He die (for as God He could not), Hebrews 2:9Hebrews 2:10Hebrews 2:14Hebrews 2:16 ; and His death implies His LOVE for us ( John 15:13 ). To deny the reality of His flesh is to deny His love, and so cast away the root which produces all true love on the believer’s part ( 1 John 4:9-111 John 4:19 ). Rome, by the doctrine of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, denies Christ’s proper humanity.

Resumption of the main theme ( 1 John 2:29 ). Love, the sum of righteousness, is the test of our being born of God. Love flows from a sense of God’s love to us: compare 1 John 4:9 with 1 John 3:16 , which 1 John 4:9 resumes; and 1 John 4:13 with 1 John 3:24 , which similarly 1 John 4:13 resumes. At the same time, 1 John 4:7-21 is connected with the immediately preceding context, 1 John 4:2 setting forth Christ’s incarnation, the great proof of God’s love ( 1 John 4:10 ).
Beloved–an address appropriate to his subject, “love.”
love–All love is from God as its fountain: especially that embodiment of love, God manifest in the flesh. The Father also is love ( 1 John 4:8 ). The Holy Ghost sheds love as its first fruit abroad in the heart.
knoweth God–spiritually, experimentally, and habitually.

spirit of truth–the Spirit which comes from God and teaches truth.
spirit of error–the spirit which comes from Satan and seduces into error.

God’s love to us is the grand motive for our love to one another ( 1 John 3:16 ).

We are in, not of, this world.

1)… Just click the name of the Blog [e ratio verbum (out of reasoning word)] at the top to get back to the current page of the Blog itself.

2)… (D.V.) stands for the Latin words- Deo volente [God willing].

P.S. I’d also like to share with you a few links and some information about me… in the openness of ‘Faith’ for this special time of year. Please look here to know a little more about me.

Happy Passover- 2016!

to this,”He is Risen!”