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Canst thou not comprehend thou standeth

for naught, faced by sure perils untold,

be they found as though minds labored from

entropy’s harness, subject(s) of a ‘Nag’s Scold,’

they being the minds billowed by furnace…

so hot to lend despair, unrecognized’d by doubt,

assail’d the mind of naught dost thou be, Nay,

nor forlorn to skirmish begun… Heavenlies about

virtue of belief, cast down as the beggar said

to be so vain God desireth naught of him in sight,

this the loss of things did sour, thy waste of milk

to kindness drawn, as he was also great of light,

the brightness beheld to deceive the minds of

men, thou sons in darkness still dost not query,

for naught brought by speech of God’s own works

they… the labors love doth offer man free of worry,

to what end thou dost see to settle with ’tis the

dull victory won bound on feet mired by dust…

the dust of earthen wares gain, not a celestial home,

the kingdom of God abides… forever let man trust.

The primary purpose of this writing is to allow people the chance to think. To fully comprehend one thing- there exists (without seeing anything as being an absolute truth) a very strong and growing possibility of the rise of torture, the use of torture and torturous devices without anything to impede the looming entropy of human emotion and emotional response (or its loss of compassion) for any other than one’s self. Have you ever heard of the depravity that existed under Caligula (or the claiming to be a deity-the desire to be deified)… the senses and the emotive drives behind them guided the culture? This was the rise of dehumanization to any that: did not go along with the ‘Status Quo’, remained unacquainted with the normative behavior or those considered undesirable. What will ‘you do’ to remain alive… if forced into this position- yield to it? Will you give up one belief for another or swear allegiance to one unfamiliar to what you’ve known? Welcome to the benefit of pluralism… if you would call it so!

This is a map showing the persecuted church (the body of Christ) throughout the world. This is soon coming to you… no matter: where you live, what you think or what you (currently) believe. The time draws near to finding you’ll have no time to produce the fruit of the spirit human life has been called to- the glory for Jesus as our Savior.

Have you ever heard the anonymous quote,”It was once said that love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”

PLEASE NOTE: With the reference to a ‘Nag’s Scold’ above… in Europe during the Middle ages, men would also be subjected to this means of torture. Granted, this was often used predominately against women: speaking up or speaking out, gossips and sources of troublesome speech or speech deemed riotous. The devices came under many names: branks, brank’s bridle or ‘scold’s bridle’ or Nag’s Scold.

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