Joy, a real Godly joy, comes from 

knowing we are pleasing to God,

and the gain of this friendship

transcends the love mankind 

knows, beyond: condition, doubt

or (even) our own understanding…

this spares another for what they

believe, even when harm, hurt or

harassment comes knocking- it

is a love provided by the grace of

God Himself… it is the surety of

our convictions seen in the face

of uncertainty, where others would

disbelieve and distrust you, and

it remains by the resolve of our 

mind, heart and soul to be true to

God above all others… for the glory

of God is not one to be denied.

This is not the day to be found disobedient to the love God has shown us. When we find from east and west… all children believing in Him will be surely welcome. God’s love has come to be known… seen and trusted, for His glory did Jesus Christ come as salvation made available to Jews and gentiles (all the nations of the world)- one must simply believe in Him. This will never be forced on you… and an act of the will (a choice) is best made when it comes from a willing person- a person in whom love is seen to matter and it matters when love is seen for who He really is, Jesus as the God Almighty.


1 Peter 2:7 KJV


7 Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner,

What stone you become, either the one in the hand to be thrown or in the building made with living stones, depends on the God you ‘choose’ to serve!

2 Corinthians 5:9 (NRS) So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him.

[The blessing of Naphtali. The favor of God is the only favor satisfying to the soul. Those are happy indeed, who have the favor of God; and those shall have it, who reckon that in having it they have enough, and desire no more.]

day of Midian–( Judges 7:8-22 ). As Gideon with a handful of men conquered the hosts of Midian, so Messiah the “child” ( Isaiah 9:6 ) shall prove to be the “Prince of peace,” and the small Israel under Him shall overcome the mighty hosts of Antichrist (compare Micah 5:2-5 ), containing the same contrast, and alluding also to “the Assyrian,” the then enemy of the Church, as here in Isaiah, the type of the last great enemy.

[Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition) on Micah 5]

Even already He is “our peace” ( Luke 2:14 , Ephesians 2:14 ).

Jesus’ emphasis on being born again underscores the need of atonement for effecting forgiveness of sins. Jesus talks to Nicodemus about being born again or “from above” as the requirement for entering the kingdom of God ( John 3:3-6 ). The way of death would be thus changed to the way of life.

The Holy Spirit is provided to all who believe in Jesus. The Spirit’s abiding presence enables all God’s people to carry out God’s will and to live obediently before him.

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