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The faith of one believer…

in the God that will deliver

us from within the enemy’s hand,

for those whom remain firm and stand

and not faint… or tire,

this is His desire

that we choose freely…

something thought so easily

is this to be accomplished today,

despite what some will do and say

about who we place our faith in…

know it is God against man with sin

and not God against mankind,

know this and come to find

His love or you’ll not see it,

don’t hate me here or have a fit

but this is God’s message to man…

accept Him willingly is His plan

before you must face another,

one claiming to be your Brother,

this one will force you to choose…

or your very life you’ll lose,

God does not work in this fashion,

manner or way, just smashin’

down the walls of choice…

still think you have a voice

to say what you believe?

There comes one to relieve

you of ‘free will’ by force,

the Father of lies, of course!

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