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[This was up-dated Sept. 20th, 2015]

MYTH: Legend, fable, story

INNUENDO: suggestion, implication, allusion

SPECULATION: To form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.

There are some to say… whom may disregard the

words found in the Bible as just words by man,

this naive opinion having been formed, or given

to them, by their own understanding or eolian

muse… divined by ‘water witch’ or some other

means as equally stirring, lore of an unknown,

neither proven to themselves or multitudes of

people, still their own belief remains unshaken,

so strong a thing is belief… not just an idea but

an idea that pursues and captivates our mind,

this is not a trance, potion or talisman given us

that pervades our consciousness, this will bind

us to our thoughts when proof is granted us to

see… to escalate the urgency of the message,

this is now the very reason: observation, senses,

research and information gained now assuage

those around us, thinking we’ve lost what makes

us all human, but it is this that cements humanity…

what mankind has forsaken as ‘useless fiction’ is

clearer to me- the vision and restoration of sanity.

When it comes to what is considered evidence (legally referred to as the law of evidence) and this must be defined to understand it fully, or it cannot be applied (reviewed, organized and reinforced) when you’d use it. Let’s agree to the basic four: real, demonstrative, documentary and testimonial. Evidence can be deemed competent if determined to be reliable, the reliability factor, and can become ‘a foundational evidence’- meeting ‘traditional requirements’ to be called such. For the sake of ‘due argument(s) to arise,’ here I’ll offer both relevant information and hyper-links to material to gain authentication and validity to the claims I believe in and would support. Concerning real evidence, I offer this brief abstract below from this link

Real evidence may be authenticated in three ways–by identification of a unique object, by identification of an object that has been made unique, and by establishing a chain of custody.

The Life of Jesus can be established by: His tomb being found, the ossuary of James(His Brother) being discovered, historical writings of Josephus/Tacitus/James [Jewish/Greco-Roman/Christian] respectively, and what the Bible tells us directly. The two abstracts found below can be seen here.

[The gospel as the saving message of Jesus Christ is the living and enduring word of God ( 1 Peter 1:18-23 ). It is reliable and supremely authoritative, for it is inseparable from the person and character of its Sender the sovereign, loving, creator God.

The close connection between God and his word means that the qualities attributed to God’s word also describe God’s own personal character. In the Old Testament God’s word is creative (Psalm 33:6), good (Micah 2:7), holy (Jer 23:9), complete (Jer 26:2), flawless (2 Sam 22:31; Psalm 12:6; 18:30; Prov 30:5), all-sufficient (Deut 8:3; Isa 50:4; Jer 15:16), sure (Isa 31:2; 45:23; Jer 44:28), right and true (Judges 13:12Judges 13:17; 1 Sam 3:19; Psalm 33:4; Isa 55:11), understandable (Deuteronomy 4:10Deuteronomy 4:12Deuteronomy 4:36; Neh 8:12), active (Hosea 6:5), all-powerful (Psalm 68:11-14; 147:15-18), indestructible (Jer 23:29), supreme (Psalm 17:4), eternal (Psalm 119:89; Isa 40:8), life-giving (Deut 32:46-47), wise (Psalm 119:130), and trustworthy (2 Sam 7:28; 1 Kings 17:16). Therefore, God was understood similarly.]

Did Jesus exist? This is a very short compilation which should be a good start... some evidence to the view 'Jesus was who He claimed He was."

Did Jesus exist? This is a very short compilation which should be a good start… some evidence to the view ‘Jesus was who He claimed He was.”

Can science yield buried truths thought fable but real none the less. I say Archaeology is proving and disproving notions of error every day… with every new find unearthed. I give you what a Roman influence buried in the sands of time looks like, dated to the third century C. E., and likely the oldest church ever found in the Holy land [found under the prison… a chapel called,“The Chapel of the Centurion of Armageddon”], at Megiddo, Israel.

As for precautionary concerns… for our health, I also find the discussion of possible contaminants, microbial contact and the outcome… contamination from infectious diseases, spoken of in the Torah [this today is the first five books of the Bible] long before microscopes were even thought of, or the possibility to living cells being so small they could not be seen by the naked eye but have dire consequences to our contact with them.

Why the world trusts ‘ancient manuscripts’ of Literature but not ancient manuscripts of a Theological nature is beyond me… and equally telling is this information of antiquity- nothing here to be called fable, legend or story… now also historical documents. I give you the dead sea scrolls… in all their glory. Though the oldest known documents are the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls,’ there is also,”The Aleppo Codex,” found here.

Prophecy is where the Bible actually tells the reader what will happen before it happens- a history book written in the past and telling us (exactly) what will take place… come to pass. No other book in human history has done this with a one hundred percent accuracy to what was stated. We have the ancient record of what the prophets said would happen before Jesus came (the first time). If what was told us by the prophets concerning: the life of Jesus, His death, the resurrection and His ascension is provable, this is where the Gospels are eyewitness accounts… verified by agreement to the events themselves. Therefore, the prophecies to come, concerning the future time spoken of, hold the same validity as the past- bearing more relevance to the events of our own lives and times in which we live today. The prophecies have also been called Messianic in nature, those having a direct connection with believers (of Jesus) coming from the people of Israel itself. This is also where probability and statistical analysis come into play. One of the most questioned individuals is Dr. Peter W. Stonerhere is some of his work on this subject.

There are also Geological components to this same conclusion, or summation of directionality to thought… using reasonable means to acquire such opinion, and one such article bears stirring credibility to the lineage of Jesus. See this article found here.

Still think this is a “blind faith,” being unsubstantiated or nominal in essence– I hope you reconsider. Even Doctors when presented (evidence) new informationchange their mind.

P.S. There is so much more to share here… but I will limit the extent of my sharing (with you) to what is listed above. Topically, there is still the question of: Intelligent Design, If we base time on the movement of the heavens… are we still considered heading toward improvement (Cosmos) or not (Chaos)?, what does it mean to be “Anthropomorphically driven,” How does the Law of Thermo-dynamics apply to Ascendant or Descendant views of the universe?,” and many more.

The motivation to look for God comes from the realization we need Him!

The motivation to look for God comes from the realization we need Him!

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