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To many people think,”It’s just a day like

any other day… just like the last,’

that was then… that was there and the whole

thing they would base it on is the past

but this is ‘a new day… a day unlike any

other day,’ and a day closer to: the King,

His Kingdom and the time of His reign draws

closer than at any other place, so sing

of this day… the eternal state of bliss

is upon us, stand to believe in deliverance,

this is no time for hesitance… it is the day

and time for clarity, transparency, temperance.

The day for being self absorbed has come

and gone, what is left is brief to achieve…

the day of man and his own way yields to

God’s will to be done, it comes… just believe.

What did Noah tell the people,”Repent.” How long were they given… years and years. They thought they had another day but they were wrong. Don’t be found like they did and were… wrong! No man knows the day, date or time of His coming or our own end. It is better to find Him before your time of life is required of you… surely He will find you if you seek Him first. The last thing mankind would truly want is to be found by Him before you find Him!

The motivation to look for God comes from the realization we need Him!

The motivation to look for God comes from the realization we need Him!

1 Chronicles 16:10 KJV


10Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.

Matthew 6:33 KJV


33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

When we find out we need Him is when we will seek Him.

When we find out we need Him is when we will seek Him.

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Model Prayer ( Matthew 6:9-13 ). According to the Latin fathers and the Lutheran Church, the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer are seven in number; according to the Greek fathers, the Reformed Church and the Westminster divines, they are only six; the two last being regarded–we think, less correctly–as one. The first three petitions have to do exclusively with God: “Thy name be hallowed”–“Thy kingdom come”–“Thy will be done.” And they occur in a descending scale–from Himself down to the manifestation of Himself in His kingdom; and from His kingdom to the entire subjection of its subjects, or the complete doing of His will. The remaining four petitions have to do with OURSELVES: “Give us our daily bread”–“Forgive us our debts”–“Lead us not into temptation”–“Deliver us from evil.” But these latter petitions occur in an ascending scale–from the bodily wants of every day up to our final deliverance from all evil.

These first words of the Lord’s Prayer–this invocation with which it opens–what a brightness and warmth does it throw over the whole prayer, and into what a serene region does it introduce the praying believer, the child of God, as he thus approaches Him! It is true that the paternal relationship of God to His people is by no means strange to the Old Testament. (See Deuteronomy 32:6 , Psalms 103:13 , Isaiah 63:16 , Jeremiah 3:4 Jeremiah 3:19 , Malachi 1:6 , 2:10 ). But these are only glimpses–the “back parts” ( Exodus 33:23 ), if we may so say, in comparison with the “open face” of our Father revealed in Jesus. which our Lord gives, throughout this His very first lengthened discourse, of “our Father in heaven,” beggars all that was ever taught, even in God’s own Word, or conceived before by His saints, on this subject.

With His will... the willing find belief secure!

With His will… the willing find belief secure!

First Petition: Hallowed be thy name- “Be held in reverence;” and God’s name means “Himself as revealed and manifested.” Everywhere in Scripture God defines and marks off the faith and love and reverence and obedience He will have from men by the disclosures which He makes to them of what He is; both to shut out false conceptions of Him, and to make all their devotion take the shape and hue of His own teaching. Too much attention cannot be paid to this.

How simple is our salvation come... by belief!

How simple is our salvation come… by belief!

(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek)–rather, “pursue.” Knowing nothing definitely beyond the present life to kindle their aspirations and engage their supreme attention, the heathen naturally pursue present objects as their chief, their only good. To what an elevation above these does Jesus here lift His disciples! 

The precise sense of every word in this golden verse should be carefully weighed. “The kingdom of God” is the primary subject of the Sermon on the Mount–that kingdom which the God of heaven is erecting in this fallen world, within which are all the spiritually recovered and inwardly subject portion of the family of Adam, under Messiah as its Divine Head and King.

I was told by an Australian atheist once,"Einstein did not believe in God." This makes me think he might have been ill-informed or misinformed.

I was told by an Australian atheist once,”Einstein did not believe in God.” This makes me think he might have been ill-informed or misinformed.

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