Tarry not to find the congruity of truth…

this is the harmony of the Gospels,

being attributed to eyewitnesses and

though they’re different by telling dispels

questions of doubt… not all doubt but

to stir up questions (all) about this life…

this life where the dead come back from

death, and yet some behold the strife

and cling to their own fears so near and

dear… to then disbelieve this open truth,

how much more proof do you need; which

when seen… one to know or remain uncouth

to reason itself, none to be legitimate at least,

and finds us tossed from skeptical to unbelief,

this is caused by hope deferred being turned

to anguish, point and blame to find brief relief.

To truly understand the value of life is to know more from the death of believers… and find how strong they were to the very end. Of ‘the Gospel writers (eyewitnesses of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ)’ were: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These four men were profoundly changed by experiencing the living with Jesus Christ and having seen ‘the resurrection’ of Jesus for themselves- never to be the same. Life was seen as but a brief passing of time… in preparation to eternity itself, a time without end and life to continue throughout.

To know the truth (personally) is to live as though you meant it!

To know the truth (personally) is to live as though you meant it!

The death of Matthew is recorded for us… this is brought to you by Columbia University (Columbia.edu… ) and quite telling of the message believed, received and told in such a forthright manner.

The death of Mark is given us by the Coptic church, on and the same as those being persecuted in Egypt for their heritage and belief in Jesus Christ. See the link here… and know from Babylon (Iraq) are the descendants of Ninevah found- remember the story of Jonah?

As for the life and death of Luke… two accounts are mentioned here for you to ponder, one from Christianity.com (found here) and the other view from Encyclopaedia Britannica (found here).

The death of John is told more in two parts as well, first the life of John (from Biblepath.com) and the death (or Martyrdom of the Apostles) as it is understood to be.

One simple fact is to be found out here, from this reading, of the resolve of the Apostles not to give in (cave in) on their beliefs, the reason for them and why they believed it was more important not to give up on their beliefs over other(s) and what they believed. This can only be attributed to their own eye opening exposure with the resurrection of Jesus Christ- devoted to the truth they held of eternity and certainty of their own philosophy coming from and through Jesus Himself. You can find a variety of Religious Philosophies throughout the world (today), look here to Philosophy of religion, but there is only one that goes into the views of eternity based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ- Christianity.

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