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The totality of man’s efforts,

the actions he takes… tell

greatly of desires held within,

seen if for one out of the shell,

and in what man does to offer

humanity their rights, under God;

whereby, perception of man alone

stands on trial, wall not to applaud

a mind, spirit or soul of anyone…

lest that same Brother come back,

no sooner less forgiving of your

own actions and cause him to attack,

if walls are true barriers to the mind

of man without God, how do we defend?

We defend our own without pretext or

pretense, our faith strong to the end!

Walls shall not hinder us!

Walls shall not hinder us!

In Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists… we find the openness of desire for a lack of domination of one religion over the other. Equally true, there is nothing there to drive any one individual (or organization) to a conclusion they are being forced to believe any way they so choose; which implies there is no ‘infringement’ or hinderance, albeit by one’s own choice to perceive one, unless they would infringe upon another’s right to believe as they would for themselves. If the fulcrum used would gain deprivation of one to choose on their own… this fulcrum should (hastily) be removed from one so desperate for themselves, or their beliefs. Free will denied is slavery imposed!

The ICC at the Hague.

The ICC at the Hague.

I can think of only one such religion being swept in throughout the world today, that of Islam, and the same ideals used against African Americans (then… a history unbecoming) are being used (today… and in present times) to: cleanse, purge and eradicate any in opposition; which includes: persecution, forced removal or actions taken from extreme prejudice- death and beheading.

Protesting persecution!

Protesting persecution!

So you say crimes against children are wrong... and sit silent!

So you say crimes against children are wrong… and sit silent!

To not see the dire parallels of this is to deny it could all happen again… to the whole of humanity itself!

Locations throughout the world

Locations throughout the world

If ideas and beliefs are clearly expressions of the spirit of man, then it is the responsibility of the UN and the ICC to say, or call, what is being done as a ‘Crime Against Humanity.’ To subject a Human being by force to change their will or die… no Human being has this right to take this liberty without reprisal. A WALL OF THE MIND AND WILL– WE WOULD FIGHT IDEAS AND BELIEFS… as if we could!

No human being should be forced to do anything... they don't want to!

No human being should be forced to do anything… they don’t want to!

Can you say,"This is incredibly absurd!"

Can you say,”This is incredibly absurd!”

The first image used on this article is found here¹ and for the ICC² (International Criminal Court- at the Hague) and and all others used are Crimes Against Humanity³, Human Rights Posters⁴ and the irony of NO ONE DOING ANYTHING (of Value) to prevent this from continuing! Talk is cheap… inactivity cheapens all we say we stand for, and silence does nothing but ensure nothing changes- a guarantee for it to get worse! Choose justice over injustice… won’t you?

Slavery comes by many names... against the: body, mind and spirit!

Slavery comes by many names… against the: body, mind and spirit!

How important are these 'Basic Rights' to you?

How important are these ‘Basic Rights’ to you?