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God so loved the world he gave His only Son,

and the modern world rejects Him still…

to say it is nothing more than Hebrew mythology,

a story like Homer’s… against God will

but Jesus’s own words spoken referred to the

Book of Genesis, with authority, as witness,

again over one hundred fifty times Jesus

(Yeshua; salvation or God saves) in OT business,

the lens man uses is biased by: opinion, expectation,

personal choice, et al… to decry this by need,

no longer relative is God to man, man would be his

own determiner and turn away, no need to heed

the reasons Jesus came to Earth, fulfill covenant

made with man(kind)… to realize this as love…

to serve man and do so selflessly, the servant of

God was God as man, the truth He came from above.

Love comes by obedience to God... the Living God!

Love comes by obedience to God… the Living God!

To save man from himself… spared from what was saved and reserved for fallen angels but man would be drawn away from God to follow the deceiver himself. Those so deceived will be subject to the coming penalties due- an eternity to face without God… cast aways (out casts) by their own choice. Blood sacrifice is required for life to be preserved, life for life and blood payment made. God had to do more than reach down to man, He had to become man… that He could meet the requirements for man’s salvation; which Jesus did. The cross is where payment was made. The cross was what was planned for from before man’s beginning. Man’s history tells us it was the Romans that killed Jesus by crucifixion. Man’s history also says it was the Persians that invented this method of killing. Odd, it is found in the OT (Old Testament), in Deuteronomy 21:22, where it first speaks of being hung on a tree (clearer reference to the coming crucifixion) as the cross (of wood) would be used. Look to number four, at this link, to find it was four hundred years before crucifixion was first used (invented) it was spoken of in the Bible (or Scripture).

The parallels between Christ and Adam are also staggering when they are looked into and fully understood. This is what modern man might even refer to as myth. The Bible is as unique today as OT Scripture was then… written by man but inspired by God Himself.

To be known by God is to know God for yourself!

To be known by God is to know God for yourself!

Hanging was not a Hebrew form of execution!