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Twenty one year old… full of hatred,

bigotry and bias reached one hour…

after sitting sixty minutes in a Bible

Study and killing nine by his power…

power wielded by choice… spoken by

a voice known throughout the world,

forgiveness the response and a request

to repent, peace is seen… come unfurled.

To hear the voices of Family members tell Dylann Roof,”I forgive you,” is to know true meaning of Christianity. Love is understood by these strong believers (these Family members)… and most said,”You need to repent.”

This only proves Terror can come on any of us: Black, White, Red, Yellow or Brown… and will. It is found in the reaction to what happened if hate succeeds or not. Here, clearly, hate loses! Charleston… I feel you!

[Below an abstract… taken from Ecclesiastes 9:1-18, coming by way of Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible.]

Declare–rather, explore; the result of my exploring is this, that “the righteous are in the hand of God. No man knoweth either the love or hatred (of God to them) by all that is before them,” that is, by what is outwardly seen in His present dealings ( Ecclesiastes 8:14 Ecclesiastes 8:17 ). However, from the sense of the same words, in Ecclesiastes 9:6, “love and hatred” seem to be the feelings of the wicked towards the righteous, whereby they caused to the latter comfort or sorrow. Translate: “Even the love and hatred” (exhibited towards the righteous, are in God’s hand) ( Psalms 76:10 , Proverbs 16:7 ). “No man knoweth all that is before them.”

What nature do you claim... and exhibit? Let's show the world God lives here!

What nature do you claim… and exhibit? Let’s show the world God lives here!

This is also posted with the “Post and Courier,” Newspaper on-line, Charleston, South Carolina, see here.