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‘Love exceeds: faith, hope or belief… it is what eternity values, unchangeable’

Love is that which transcends hope…

for hope will pass away when what

was hoped for is realized.

Love is that which transcends faith…

for faith will pass away when who

we have faith in welcomes us home.

Love is that which transcends belief…

for belief will pass away when why

we believe is understood as love.

Where love abides is true mercy found,

peace will be the fruits of all our efforts

and cost is found by believing what we see-

understanding belief in action stems from

love to love… as complete a view to me,

a view which should set all of us free.


[All below comes from this source… on love- God’s love]

God is love and has demonstrated that love in everything that he does. Paul compares faith, hope, and love, and concludes that “the greatest of these is love” ( 1 Cor 13:13 ).

“Love the Lord Your God.” We are totally incapable of loving either God or others a condition that must be corrected by God before we can love. The Bible’s ways of describing this process of correction are numerous: “circumcision of the heart” ( Deut 30:6 ); God’s “writing his laws” on our hearts ( Jer 31:33 ); God’s substituting a “heart of flesh” for a “heart of stone” ( Eze 11:19 ); being “born again” by the Spirit ( John 3:3 ; 1 John 5:1-2 ); removing old clothing and replacing it with new ( Col 3:12-14 ); dying to a sinful life and resurrecting to a new one ( Col 3:1-4 ); moving out of darkness into light ( 1 John 2:9 ). Until that happens, we cannot love.

Many people in Jesus’ day believed that a neighbor was a fellow Israelite. When asked to define “neighbor, ” however, Jesus cited the parable of the good Samaritan a person who knowingly crossed traditional boundaries to help a wounded Jew ( Luke 10:29-37 ). A neighbor is anyone who is in need. Jesus also told his disciples that a “neighbor” might even be someone who hates them, curses them, or mistreats them. Yet they must love even enemies ( Luke 6:27-36 ) as a witness and a testimony.

Our actions illustrate our love. Love for  our neighbor is “love in action, ” doing something specific and tangible for others.


Psalm 18:1 KJV


1 I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.

Psalm 40:16 KJV


16 Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: let such as love thy salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified.

Psalm 69:36 KJV


36 The seed also of his servants shall inherit it: and they that love his name shall dwell therein.

Love by its very nature is merciful… is this a definition you equate with it?

[Please Note… it was not (fully) possible to show love to our enemy until we saw Jesus doing that which He asked of us to do- to do this for His name’s sake. This is where the fork of the road occurred with Judaism and Christianity- for believers of Jesus being the Christ we call this ‘The New Testament’ and the final days of man.]

The light of the world

The light of the world