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There is a road God walked for me…

although I knew Him not,

there is a place He felt my shame,

something I never bought,

there is a street He walked for me…

bore my burdens there, so caught,

the street,”The Via de La Rosa.”

The weight of this old world felt…

each painful single step,

the scorn of those doubting truth,

the mocking would not letup…

the shouts and jeers ring true today

and others claim it is a setup…

the street,”The Via de La Rosa.”

The way led to where He died,

the hill…the cross of Calvary,

the path of sorrows know His feet

as well as the bounds of slavery,

He marched until He fell…

another to carry His cross of delivery…

the street,”The Via de La Rosa.”

The story (non-fictional) does not end here, only the ministry of Jesus ended here [His natural life]. The story does continue on past His death… with His resurrection [and there were many eyewitness accounts] to show He was God- and God lives. Maranatha!

The story can be read about, looked at or studied more at either of the sources found below.

Wikipedia… the ‘Via Dolorosa‘ (in Italian) or the ‘Via de La Rosa’ (Spanish)

A site (with photos) by Audrey DeLange, Nov., 1999

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A viewpoint from Israel… for tourists and pilgrims alike

The Bible… mention (specifically) only once, Calvary, in Luke 23:33 and further explained here. Please click the Matthew Henry Commentary at the bottom of the page

a picture from this source... listed below.

a picture from this source… listed below.

The source for the picture above is this link.