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Seeing things Irishly!

Seeing things Irishly!

In Ireland we see… the world sees… a land where, if God was understood, beauty does exist but the strife of man is apparent. Unrest of man, as it comes to God, comes from concern for man or against (another believing differently than one does) mankind… not from practicing the love God tells us to have for one another. I’m very sure there are good people on both sides of the aisle (in this case… the Emerald Isle) and the problems come from something internal- made manifest in the external world we see. The world does not focus on the good… the beauty of the people themselves (sadly) but it is the confusion of the strife which is then fixated on. Such is the way of the world… to focus on the minute and lose sight of the mountain, unless it is a mountain of their own creation. Hence, Ireland is the same as the world is, in this regard, and rendered but a microcosm to the greater problems we see in the world today. If peace is the goal… the answer, then peacefulness should also be seen coming from those claiming to be ‘peaceful’ or espousing peace as a goal. There will continue to be strife in Ireland as long as there is envy or difference seen as better than those doing the violent acts against another- both were created in the image of God… are they not? If God is to be understood at all… love for our fellow man should be the resultant expectation- the results of the fruit of love to be seen and then known throughout the land.

As with the world, it is then forbearance and kindness toward one another that shall be infused with the knowledge we then share, and what we share we should do so in love. It has been said,”Love makes the world go ’round’, and what better way for the world to know we do understand love by not doing what we say we’re against but what we (honestly) believe to be true. Truth of our beliefs is seen in the actions we take, and when they reach out to harm someone… to injure or maim it will inure the children to episodes of such violence and they will do no better themselves. If amelioration is the goal… to improve upon what was done in the past, let’s get to it and do what we should- love one another as we would do for our own. Yes… we are our Brother’s keeper- this will never change. Plan nothing to hurt another! This does not mean we have to like what our Brother does… it just means we should not take action against them- for they know not what they do! There is to be no judgement to another’s actions, for judgement belongs to the Lord God Himself. Hate the sin but love the sinner, just as God sees us all, for Jesus loved us all enough to die for us when we (ourselves) were yet sinners.

Maybe, just maybe… this St. Patrick’s Day we can do as legend proclaims of the efforts of St. Patrick himself. Let us drive the serpents  (in this case the wrongs) from our view we have for those in front of us- so there can be a peaceful means to an end. This would be glorious for all humanity, and then we could all see the truth of being without a serpent around to bother us… to suggest that which is an untruth about humanity as a whole. The world waits to see conflict end but if the nature of man leads us then our fate is secured by what we see. If the nature of God is what we hope in… love will be apparent in all we do. Jesus embellished upon the nature of the ten commandments, by saying,”Love God with tour whole heart and love your Brother as yourself“. If we can grasp anything from the red letters, when Jesus spoke (in the Bible) then we might be better served to pay particular attention to those times He did teach- even what was taught. The Irish teach their young about ‘the Trinity’ of God by pointing to ‘the shamrock’, where we see all three leaves being part of the whole- all equal in nature and a part of one another. The leaves are separate but all part of the same shamrock- no difference to the nature of them being the same [equal]. This is my Irish wish this St. Patrick’s Day… that the Emerald Isle would be a good place to start to see peace and wholeness restored to a people of my own heart. No blarney!

I can find nothing better to share with you: on God’s love, ‘the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)’, and soundness of teaching thought than what is shared by David L. Turner (at this link), and through Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Online. The following is found in abstract (two paragraphs from this link provided) and seen below the scripture. Jesus’s authority came from the Father (first part of the trinity), as the Son of God (Jesus is the second part of the trinity), and the Holy Spirit [the paraclete, as told us by Jesus He would send Him], in the day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God is seen (the third part of the trinity). The trinity is also spoken of in single passages and I offer you this one below as proof- containing in it the descriptions of God in three parts.


John 14:26 KJV


26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.


In the New Testament Jesus is the Servant of God who inaugurates the new covenant ( Matt 12:17-21 ; 26:28 ). His ministry of word and deed and his redemptive sacrifice fulfill the Old Testament prototypes: kings, priests, and prophets. Jesus teaches with divine authority ( Matt 4:23 ; 5:2 ; 7:29 ). His approach to the Old Testament differs from that of Israel’s leaders in that his teaching stresses love, justice, and mercy over external matters. After his resurrection and exaltation Jesus sends his apostles forth with the mandate to perpetuate his teachings ( Matt 28:19 ; John 21:15-17 ) in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the Bible, then, God as Creator and Redeemer teaches his creatures through the agency of two institutions, the family and the covenant community in which families worship God and grow in his grace. This teaching was carried out through the kings, priests, and prophets of the Old Testament theocratic community. These three Old Testament motifs coalesce in Jesus the Messiah, who enables the new covenant community to be taught by spiritually gifted teachers who lead the church.

Let’s pray for peace in Ireland… and the world over! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 2015!

This image is from a picture of the cover of the book,"Just for you', a book by Helen Steiner Rice.

This image is from a picture of the cover of the book,”Just for you’, a book by Helen Steiner Rice.

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