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The ‘when’ of Jesus’s birth still raises

controversy with scholars today…

being thought non-specific in the

texts they’ve read, despite what they say,

and the truth be told… more important to

mankind… as it came to pass is ‘why’,

the gifts… the gifts of gold, frankincense

and myrrh tell us all He was to die,

unlike other men, He was ‘The Word’ of

God made flesh… to live with us that day,

and sooner than some would admit… He’ll

come again, to reach heaven He is ‘The way’,

He proclaimed,”I am the way, the life and

the truth”, the life everlasting, eternal,

and He showed us this by the resurrection…

the grave could not stop Him, a lie infernal,

Jesus… God made flesh, this foreordained as

propitiation for man’s sins, given His glory…

for by the grace of love itself, though

undeserving, we find His truth in the story.

The story… not some fictitious thing, a real life occurrence, and a foretelling of the plan(s) of God for all mankind to benefit from. We must lose: the blinders of hate for one another (past effects our present reality), accept Him as God (there are no limitations to what God can do) and understand God is come for the purpose of being the Savior for the whole world (not some of it but all of it). I believe the most poignant thing Jesus said on the cross, as He paid the ultimate price for us all, was,”Forgive them for they know not what they do“.

Luke 23:34 KJV


34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Gold… a gift of Kings.

Frankincense… used by a priest.

Myrhh… salve to embalm, a sacrifice for all of us.

Jesus is a: King, Priest (High Priest) and our Redeemer (we have been bought with a price).Which Jesus [The Nazarene] do you see, the golden one or the one intended as an insult?

Is this the golden image of 'the Nazarene' seen today?

Is this the golden image of ‘the Nazarene’ seen today?

Which bread do your hands knead, life or death?

Do you see Jesus as but an insult… something used to denigrate another- created in the image of God like yourself?

To remember we also had a nail in one hand and a hammer in the other, at one time in our lives (the life without Jesus), and forgiveness is a trait of strength- not weakness. When we are weak our strength comes from God… that it is for the world to marvel at the glory of God being alive! We need to pray for three things being predominate in our lives today: a better understanding of what and who Jesus is to each of us, an end to racial bigotry and for the cessation of hostilities to gain a global supremacy of or for religion. The second theocracy of God, the first being of the Jews… after being delivered from Egypt, will be seen when God returns to claim His rightful place- and for those He calls by name (His own).

This image is from a picture of the cover of the book,"Just for you', a book by Helen Steiner Rice.

This image is from a picture of the cover of the book,”Just for you’, a book by Helen Steiner Rice.