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When the subject of God arises there

is nothing that surprises the chore,

find the three most common reactions…

the first is so casual, to simply ignore.

The second is the extreme opposite,

to deposit feelings of hatred or more,

and we need to understand this is true…

the second reaction is clearly to abhor.

There is but one of these three replete,

to defeat the woes of man, and is sure,

so complete in its application to fulfill

God’s desire, His Son we’re to adore,

Those whom come to adore Him must

find one of four things we must claim,

the first is to worship Him as God…

the Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus by name,

the second task is to serve Him…

to do the things in the word of God,

for to serve Him in peace with all men

is to know Him with more than a nod,

the most important thing to do is love…

love God with your whole heart first,

first before any other is this love for

Jesus, it’s for Him alone is this thirst,

Fourth, and lastly, it is Jesus who died

for us all… to thank Him is an honor so

due His glory, the story of His love (in

 truth)… is one to internalize and know.

1 John 1:7 (KJV) But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

[1 John 1, and you can listen hear to the living word… in truth and in light. This does continue… on autoplay, and if you do not wish to listen any further you’ll need to click the pause symbol.]

The Arabic and Ethiopic versions render it, “from all our sins”; and this must be ascribed to the greatness of his person, as the Son of God; wherefore the emphasis lies on these words,”his Son”: the Son of God, who is equal with God, and is truly and properly God: as it must be the blood of man that must, according to the law, be shed, to atone for and expiate sin, and cleanse from it, and that of an innocent man, who is holy, harmless, and without sin; so it must not be the blood of a mere man, though ever so holy, but the blood of one that is God as well as man; see ( Acts 20:28 ). The divine nature of the Son of God, being in union with the human nature, put virtue into his blood to produce such an effect, which still continues, and will, as long as there is any occlusion for it.

[Above is part of John Gill’s Exposition (an abstract) of the Bible.]

There comes a time to see hatred for God’s own as hatred… to see bigotry as but the bigotry it is (as actions unbecoming peacefulness), and when venting personal or racial bias… to see if there is found any light in the words shared- if there is any truth. For to long has man been man’s worst enemy, even to sell his neighbor into slavery, but we must see the actions of men as being the actions of men. This should never be placed in the same category (even from our own perceptions… thinking them to be right) if we are to gauge God from mankind’s view of right and wrong. God alone will give us what we deserve… revenge is His to wield, and we will either be found with Him or without Him in our thoughts and actions. We must stop racial bigotry… and the push for religious supremacy- the latter if perpetrated by man in the extreme. Since when did we become so bourgeois to the meaning of our actions?

To neglect God's will is to show disrespect for life and all mankind... to seek to promote an anti-christian approach to all we do. Is it God's will for man this occurs?

To neglect God’s will is to show disrespect for life and all mankind… to seek to promote an anti-christian approach to all we do. Is it God’s will for man this occurs?