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Care for another does not mean

we have to be perfect…

have to be thought of as worthy

or even hinted at as an expectation,

to care for another simply means

we must stop being concerned with

ourselves long enough to see there

might be someone else that truly

deserves our attention…

affording ourselves a different viewpoint

than we had a moment ago…

ensuring ourselves with growth we

really need to enrich not just

our life but those around us.

Where our heart is will be evident…

and seen for the wonder life holds-

all life with God is precious!

I give you a view of the newest member in my household, a rescue… and I call him Tiberius. This same view is one to ponder… if you say you know God as your own- then your actions should meet His expectations and not your own. Your knowledge should also reflect the love of God in its expression or I would say you do not: believe, understand or reflect the light God is Himself.

This is Tiberius. Don't come to God thinking you're perfect... come to God and allow Him to perfect you!

This is Tiberius. Don’t come to God thinking you’re perfect… come to God and allow Him to perfect you!