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The change of a year brings choices

and the choices do affect you…

will you pick door number one, to

the left or to the right, door number two?

Door number one causes nothing

to change… past dragged to the present

but door number two releases you

from your pain… to straighten the bent,

door one allows you to carry on like

you have done every year after year…

whereas door two would see you

change to grow past personal fear,

you see, there comes the time and

day to see what is going on in Rome,

the push for a kingdom on Earth…

or to look for the Kingdom to come,

Door one leads to such blindness…

blinded by man’s ways of the past,

door two is found with Jesus as our

Savior, God eternal, someone to last.

Janus was the Roman God for: transitions and beginnings, past and future, doors, gates, doorways, passages and endings. What door will you choose: human oblivion or supernatural eternity– God gives all mankind this choice… to willingly choose life or not. Not all Gods are the same… and not all Gods serve mankind to love their enemies!Door number one or door number two for your new year, 2015?

Janus- The Roman God

Janus- The Roman God