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“My hand is here… as it has always been

throughout time’s existence,” whispered

the voice… to those still enough to listen.

“A hand to nurture, to help, to assist in

every way, even to provide for you… as

you would allow Me to, for I have held

My hand out to you… though you have

chosen not to take it, and one day soon

this chance will be taken from you.”

The man felt something… something strong

enough to linger, as if the feeling itself could

lift him up and he let it pass by… but it would

gnaw at his heart and an ache did develop, one

to tell him on his path by whisper, something he

would strain to hear his whole life… especially

those moments he found the stillness he needed,

the times he did slow down long enough to be

able to hear what he would never be able to

forget… the voice of God, the voice that forever

rang in his ears and continually pulled at his heart,

the tugging of a rugged cross to hang on eternity.

[Don’t be a Scrooge with your own life in the balance… act now to secure the eternal life God paid for. You have but to claim it as yours (not related to ‘the name it and claim it Ministries’- a heresy… God is not a genie) for God shed His blood for YOU!]

Psalm 10:2 KJV The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.

Remember, the devil is God's devil... not yours to control.

Remember, the devil is God’s devil… not yours to control.