Many interesting parallels exist throughout

the Bible… if one has the eye to see them,

the last thing we need to do is to live our

lives as if we are still asleep, stage of REM,

so wake up and open your eyes to greater

truths we find in this book, look and see,

found in one parallel is a thought to how

we should forgive, and how we should be…

the correlation comes when looking at how

long the Jews were in captivity, sent away,

and then the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem…

and the prophecy completed… none to say

there was no importance here to it but not so

quick, Peter asked how many times to forgive…

Jesus told him,” seventy times seven,” to see

Peter’s shock would be priceless, conclusive,

not once, twice or even three times… seventy

times seven the LORD said, message it clears,

and here is where the parallels exist, as it is

to relate to Israel, captivity was seventy years,

and as to seven and its significance here… it

represents: fulness, completion and perfection,

nothing short of that when it comes to the work

of God… look around you, natural integration:

seven days to the week (the seventh day is Holy),

four hundred ninety (490) seventy times seven,

from Abraham to Exodus… four hundred ninety

years, and we can still eat bread without leaven,

Exodus to the temple Dedication… four hundred

ninety years, it was 77 generations from Adam…

until Jesus, the number is replete throughout this

book, Holy is the number seven, this ain’t spam.