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To disregard the resurrection is to deny: Jesus was God Himself, what this means to the believer, what hope is offered mankind from this knowledge or leads to diminish the importance of it to christianity itself. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is, in fact, the hinge and cornerstone of our belief. Without it… christianity sounds like every other religion known throughout the world. Another characteristic that separates christianity from other religions is… christianity leads to a personal relationship with the Creator- not seen or talked about with the religions of the world. Without this ‘eternal hope’ of and for life… there is nothing but the grave. The living God is not some distant capricious being we need to yell at to attract His attention. This is not the case with christianity, and eternal life starts with the acceptance of Jesus as being the Savior (The Messiah) He claimed He was.

Jesus was much more than ‘a good man,’ He was (and still is) the selflessly giving God, the God that sacrificed Himself for you and I. This sacrifice was made to prevent mankind from going to an eternal separation… away from God- a place God would die to keep you from having to go there yourself. It must be a terrible place to cause God to come in the form of a man (a disguise), to hide His God suit, and to offer Himself for our sins. The atonement of blood was made by Jesus as a one time event, to pay the price for our sins, and will be realized by those accepting Him as ‘Paid In Full’ on our account. The debt of sin had to be paid… and you can attempt to pay it and fail or accept Jesus as God, knowing He already paid the price, and receive eternal life. This life starts at the time we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior (not at the time of death), for we should show His life in our place and live for Him, from love. Nothing about this is outmoded when you think of time, in the sense of eternity, and not just in the here and now. Have we become so callous in thought to disregard the sense of eternal things being more important than the material view most humans have today? Has immortality [living forever] lost its appeal… to be thought as being immaterial or even transient? We are indeed setting our sights on true poverty… true nakedness… and true godlessness in our approach if we strive to gain from this viewpoint- an emptiness from which we really have no concept of at all. The word ‘unbelief’ in Greek, apistia (ἀπιστία) also holds the definition for ‘disobedience.’

If we are to become “children of disobedience’ we would find ourselves: devaluing life, reluctant to believe Jesus was the Son of God… information confirming the resurrection of Jesus really happened, and love would become of little consequence. This is the position the enemy of God Himself, the one who would attempt to steal God’s glory, honor and authority away wants us in- whereby God’s wrath shall be soon directed by our own choices we’ve made. God will not and does not desire to send you (or any part of humanity) to hell- this will happen from our own choices we make in relation to: God’s existence, authority and will. His will be done or ours… and if it is ours then we strive to gain our own heaven here on Earth- and will get no more. This is why ‘Carpe Diem’ is the slogan and motto for those who would choose to do it their way… seize the moment and they will remember it throughout all eternity.

I give you something to think about… find it here below, and I hope you will think about it if you still do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus- proclaiming His life continues on and was manifest by the Spirit of the living God Himself. There were inscriptions recovered from Archaeological finds where the Sixth Legion Ferrata was stationed, just South of Tel Megiddo. The following abstract is historical proof of a centurion’s belief…

This mosaic found at Tel Meggido, Israel, in 'The Chapel of the Centurion of Armageddon.'

This mosaic found at Tel Meggido, Israel, in ‘The Chapel of the Centurion of Armageddon.’

[… Tepper also uncovered the famous 3rd-century Christian prayer

hall at Megiddo Prison, the mosaics of which bore dedicatory in-

scripting to “God Jesus Christ,” including one sponsored by a centurion

named Gaianus.]

A centurion was in charge of one hundred (100) soldiers… and in a place of command and recorded as in a position of great authority and respect.

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Also, aside from the information already… is this note worthy find, listed as from “The Chapel of the Centurion of Armageddon.” See the link here

With proof uncovered, and recovered, it is truly food for thought… enough to chew on before you swallow what you thought you knew as truth. Do you still disbelieve in the possibility of resurrection? I do hope you will ponder this… you will, won’t you? (D.V.)

I remain your Brother in Christ Jesus,


P.S. The image of the mosaic comes from this source.

P.S.S. this goes hand-in-hand with this writing found here.