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By now I’m sure you all know I’m a poet, a christian poet (first and foremost), and it is my extreme pleasure to share with you… by the grace of God… my first book will also be (very soon) an ‘Audio book.’ I’d like to share with you two versions of a newly enhanced cover for my first Audio book, see below version one…

God is first... those that have helped me second... and I am last.

God is first… those that have helped me second… and I am last.

and what I’m going to actually use, version two, below…

This one is highlighting the Narrator, my good friend, Darice Strickland... very nicely, don't you think so?

This one is highlighting the Narrator, my good friend, Darice Strickland… and sadly, I found issues with the audio track and couldn’t use it.

Just click the image to get a clearer view of it. I could not go forward with this project without saying: God is great… the original cover was done by Belinda J. Borradaile (borradaile@yahoo.co.uk), the additional was done by Vivian Gordon ( http://viviangordon.wix.com/justforyou ) and the book will be Narrated by Darice Strickland (of Ada, Oklahoma) (dare_strickland@yahoo.com). I do hope to iron out a few little bugs before I can offer it up as a digital download, still an Audio book, in my eStore. My eStore is… http://www.inkedvocabulary.com… and this is ‘COMING SOON.’

Beyond the eWorld is to go to Hastings once more, as I spoke directly to their purchaser a few years ago, and was told they’d try me out in Arizona first… and go National with any success at all. I could also approach the ALA (American Library Association)… and so much more. This gives me hope to share the faith I have in the living God with people on an outreach basis. If you are a believer… say a little prayer for me, and if you’re not… watch and see that the Lord is in control.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus,


P.S. My next cover, for my second Audio book, will be done by Valerie Kelly (if she’ll be so kind). Find her at the listings below… http://about.me/v.a.kelly … or  http://valzart.me and may you come to know them as well I have. Blessings to all of you.

P.S.S. The Cover changes were done, to what I’ve ended up with (see here) and my second audiobook (see here), by Vivian Gordon. I still love Val and Viv both… very dear friends for many years now. [updated March 26th, 2016]