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There when the moon is full comes

those times misdeeds come by trigger…

no amount of thought can reason it away

and it buys no time for those who figure

it is just coincidence… a happenstance

subjective, a chance moment and rare,

when normal people are left aghast…

you see, not everything in life is fair,

there are dark things guiding dark minds

and dark deeds done to the unsuspecting…

even those entranced to think their own

way is right, the truth is more frightening,

the door lies open to the threshold of

eternity, forever dark or light… our choice,

to be aware for an eternal day or left in

eternal darkness- maddening echos of our voice.


Did you think suffering was not going to happen to YOU because you say you believe in God… guess again. Bad things happen to good people too, and the reality of this truth is twofold. Two primary reasons for this: there are evil people in the world that do not care who they hurt or harm… and God uses suffering and trials to see if we have learned what He wants us to learn- He is in control. God does not wish to harm you but does want to see if you mean what you say, that you: love Him (no matter our condition), have faith (to show humanity we rely on our God) and mean to stick it out (as Paul said it,”To live is Christ… to die is gain”). Please know it does say in the Bible we will suffer, read below…

1 Peter 4:19 KJV Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to Him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.

If we will not bear suffering for Christ now, we must bear eternal sufferings hereafter. YOU do have a choice… to live with the pleasures of this life as your choice, and with it what pleasures may come (your own little heaven), or live for God here and know God’s heaven as your home. One temporal and the other forever… your choice.