Two things have happened within the last ten days that are more than (simply) significant… they are diametrically opposed to one another in context and bear immeasurable weight in and upon themselves. The first is the Supreme Court decision made May 5th, 2014, which has a direct bearing on Free Speech- specifically… religious speech. Find what one Blog says about this landmark case and decision here. The second is in the actions of a group called the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR)… why we should pay particular attention here is where the impact of this group’s actions is heading. It does seem to want to: extract a pound of flesh against the Catholic Church, desires to see pro-life speech considered torture (through pursuits at the UN) and would have it be seen impossible for one to ‘believe in life (by speaking out) and say they are (also) against torture.’

Do you believe this? If they are successful, a person will be either pro-abortion and able to say so… but not pro-life and against torture. Pro-life speech, which stems from one’s religious views, would be illegal… not only on an International level but here in the U.S. as well- knowing an International precedent has already been established and implemented here before. Since it appears the CRR is the legislative arm of Planned Parenthood, both of these groups would benefit and pro-life would effectively (and legally) be tortured by the knowledge they could do nothing about it. Life itself is then emotionally shackled… love for life and the saying so (so to speak) legally gagged.

Do you have an opinion here… sound off before you cannot!