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In a very recent development, the UN has blasted the Catholic church for withholding information about sex abuse and abortion. I think, although it is condemning that which should have been something addressed long ago, the UN is equally at fault for not coming out and making this plain until now. There is strong evidentiary proof denied legal systems, we all have in place, when abortion clinics deny police proof of DNA from the aborted human fetal tissue [proof of identity to the individual committing the crime] by destroying evidence. The guilty party, or provability of the offending party, to a crime [either rape, sexual abuse (by incest or other means) or any actions taken against a minor] go without due process because of this apparent lack of concern to these issues. Where has the UN been on these matters… or is it due to understanding the need to maintain such secrecy for those prone to committing these crimes? If the UN is going to place itself higher than it would be, a body of representatives as in support of world improvements, let them do so in a fashion which is to be seen as being transparent enough [and clear enough] to this endeavor.


I’ll add one thought here, if the UN was out to do that which is honorable… why then would the UN attempt to take [seize] control of the internet– where the world has gained a voice and ‘Human Rights’ are more in line with UN guidelines it says it holds out to and for us all [beneficially]? They have failed us in: Darfur, Sarajevo and numerous other occasions, and although they are the backers to Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation [a world plan to steal the Hebrew God’s power and authority… saying all religions are equal] they have other interests than what they would have us believe. There is strong enough reason to question the motives behind this recent attack, at this point in time, and I have wondered for years why the US funds this organization. We can thank the CFR for this one! I, for one, am very glad God is in control… even to control the actions of men against Him [nothing but the time and place are ours/our lives] and the choices we make [personally] will come with certain consequences to them. I’m glad they failed to gain control of the internet… how about you?



I have found one site that makes a very strong statement about evil and the UN (this link seems like it goes on forever but has much to consider) connected [as one]. Can one be a little bit Italian… a little bit Blonde or a little bit good, when the truth is you are either good or not?


Is all food [thought, WORD, belief] safe for consumption?

Is all food [thought, WORD, belief] safe for consumption?