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Clemency  is near…

so near to Abedini,

as close as is Christ.

Clemency was discussed by Iranian President Rouhani… for the first time since Pastor Saeed Abedini was imprisoned for his belief in Jesus Christ. This [holy] window of opportunity shall be the focus of this message… the message to all believers in Jesus- we need to pray for his release and the Holy Spirit to move their hands that continue to hold this man captive for his beliefs. A little more than a year ago he was sentenced to eight years in prison… and it is to be our hope the Spirit will move to set him free. Won’t you join us in prayer that his family be made whole again- with his family in Boise, Idaho. The world will watch… and wait… to see what happens here. Please PRAY on this. All this took place after the commuting of sentences for others.