To look into the eyes of the infinite

and know He loves us as we are…

to know no matter where we might

go we will never ever be so far,

even when we find our strength has

left us, kept we our faith not to mar…

our infancy met by the infinite in love.

How could we not understand His mercy…

for all to believe Him as but a child?

When we first accept Him, made the hurdle,

chosen to receive Him freely, life to yield,

how important to us… to take Him serious-

the child’s eyes toward the Father we field…

our infancy met by the infinite in love.

The Word was made flesh and lived among us…

much to the legions of hell’s sad chagrin,

the Word suffered, died and raised again

to our shock and disbelief of death to sin,

keep yourself as the child in His hands…

lose not your faith in His love to win-

our infancy met by the infinite in love.

Trust the infinite God of the universe… to have done what He did in a human disguise. He came that we might open our eyes to His truth [not ours]… for His knowledge [not man’s]… for life eternal [not this short one we have now]- to live with God and be in His presence forever. The mystery of God is what man calls it when looking toward the infinite… without seeing Him in all man sees.