Who are we as people? For there exists

many books to: help, direct and tell…

but mankind won’t know a relationship

is what we are to have with God, not sell,

to face God is to contrast it against our-

selves… to see how and where we are,

what matters to God should matter to us…

how close we are to Him or just how far,

to know the proximity to Him is what tells

us who we are, His own designs for us…

then we can [should] tell of His glory,

and so many here would wail and fuss,

I want it my way, to be my own god… to

have it my way, such is the spoiled child,

to live without God’s will is to determine

on our own right and wrong, to be wild.

There is but one God, although pluralism would have us accept other gods the world knows. Pantheism would say all we see is a god but I see what God created. Gnosticism denies God His authority and I say God’s authority is supreme. Atheism denies there is Intelligent design in anything about the created world we live in… atoms just came together by chance- even your own DNA speaks more to God’s glory than not. What you: say, think and believe determines your forever… your actions for love or hate [reactions too].

To read the claims of christianity, certainly found in Colossians [or listen if you so desire to], during the early days of the church’s existence- the same is true and no less relevant today.

read Colossians 1 here or listen here,

read Colossians 2 here or listen here,

read Colossians 3 here or listen here,

or hear the admonition of Jesus Christ found in Revelation 3 here.

If you want to react to this irrationally, by declaring this religious bigotry or hate, know I  view this as the absolute truth [as told to mankind by God in loving mercy] and I’m but a conduit. Don’t hate the messenger… if you hate the message.