If all is vanity… this one of Solomon’s woes,

such is to sanity… revealed in all of man’s throes,

have we not grace… promised by God at the offset,

eternal place… heaven for faith, though not yet,

can we not see… the Earth will be God’s own home,

set your mind free… those at God’s feet not to roam,

settle this strife… find peace achieved and believe,

Spirit of life… His purposes are called to relieve,

the hope of peace… found by love’s sacrifice for you,

hate is to cease… believe in Jesus, real and true.

From Kabbalah, and ancient Hebrew, is come the understanding of the names of God– as known from ancient times. One of these terms is “Elah,” altered by “Al” in Arabic- The definite article ‘the’ to indicate and emphasize exclusivity… and truth to qualities known. If truth is come into the world, by Jewish understanding and prophecy foretold, then the telling of God is to be relative to His people… yet claimed to be by love. If God is love… for those of His knowledge. It is the mind that must change for the heart to show love… and to allow love is to honor life or death of the spirit is the goal for our reactions of hate.

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[When ancients understood God exists… cultural differences can make changes (alterations) to the same entity but claim exclusivity. One exception is christianity, come from Judaism… but open to all cultures and bridges the gap between man and God.]

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