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To represent Him we are…

to tell a dying world of His love,

and to point people to Jesus Christ.

To speak out for Him we are…

the Spirit of God to indwell us,

and the living water to quench all thirst.

To emulate Him we are…

to humble yourself of yourself,

for Him to be seen more and more.

To see Him in us they are…

we are to reflect in us Our Lord,

this our chore… this Our chore.

We have been given a task, given a task by Jesus Christ Himself… the task called “the Great Commission,” and to be taken with the utmost seriousness,”to the end of the age.” The same love God shows mankind from His heart is that which we must share… His love for the world is that reason He would die for us all, to honor His Father’s plan for the Salvation of undeserving man [you and me]… being found in our sins as we were.