There is a way made to those who would see the way and share truth of it. This is the way God has opened the door to promotion of my book,”FROM A GREATER HAND than mine.” Eventually, once I get the ball rolling… this book will be used [exclusively] for charity. I would like to get to the point where: I can give a young Mexican girl money for her time to translate this book, send for copyright on books three and four, finish the novel I’m working on and get everything moving along. To help me start this I ask for your prayers and support. I will include below the opportunity that has come to be realized for me… and please know many others will be greatly affected. I’m seeking at least nineteen (19) supporters at this site… to gain an ongoing capability unknown before this moment God has given me. I can only ask you to help knowing this is the burden laid on my heart… and you can gauge the veracity of my claim against all I have shared here- for the glory of God to be seen and understood. Please help! Here is the link for you to see.