I have a chance to let my information and book [my christian writings] be displayed in New York City- before the world. I need your help to do this and it must be done within hours of this being posted… to qualify. You can see what I’m referring to here… and know you’ll have to look me up on ‘See Me,’ and click the support button. I need but nineteen (19) to participate and be eligible. Will you please help… an offer like this does not come around every day, and I pray the Lord moves your heart to help me in my cause. The effect could be monumental in scope: of my writing, aid to help others so and to continue what the Lord has but started with my life. I offer you the knowledge of this [my trust] and my deepest regards for this purpose.

I gained two supporters at the site requested, and did not qualify for their promotional aid. I thank everyone here that even gave it a thought. God is still good,,, and for the next time, in October. But you might look here to my offer. I can do this to help promote the writings inspired of God and from God… and thoughts on man as well.